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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cooperating with your captors

Will Grigg writes about how the justice system systematically eliminates the jury from relevance, how the system hides from the jury just how petty and vindictive it is.

Molyneux, who provides good material on occasion, explains the nature of our predicament in this video.

Please consider these two arguments in combination, as I believe that they are synergistic.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Tune in tomorrow morning to listen in. We will be talking about child abuse, child abduction, and child involuntary servitude (slavery) on the show. What are we talking about? The EVIL OCS. It's time they come to recognition with the People.
Tune in.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Patriot's Lament with Will Grigg

If you didn't get to hear Will on the show last Saturday, here it is.
I will try to get it on the you tube channel as well.

Enjoy, it was one of the best and extremely informative.

Patriot's Lament with Will Grigg. We are all Indians now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When a politician speaks he's trying to convince you that this can be reality.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The great Will Grigg will be joining us tomorrow on the first hour of Patriot's Lament radio. Will is always a straightforward truth teller, who is not afraid of the State!

Tune in to hear a no holds barred talk about the situation in Oregon with the Ranchers and Militia members.
Make sure to check out and support Will's blog, Pro Liberate.
You can also listen to previous interviews with Will here: Patriots Lament with Will Grigg

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Where is King George when we need him?

Terrorists commit arson, still not charged with crime

Our story today is about several terror arsonists who started a fire on federally owned land. 
Although it is not certain whether the fire was created on purpose, it ultimately burned more than 85,000 acres. The fire spread quickly, causing many people to evacuate their homes, and the fire destroyed several cabins and outbuildings.
The cost of containing the fire has reached over $20 million. At the time of this publication, no one has been prosecuted for the destruction of the federal land, even though there are many suspects.
Right now there are no property damage estimates by the federal government, but many say it is in the millions, awaiting a federal investigation. The fire was started during a BLM-stated "high risk fire" day. Heavy dense smoke has filled the nearby valley, reducing visibility to less than a quarter mile. People at high risk with breathing disorders, the elderly, and children are recommended to stay inside their homes, and it is also recommended that one does not do any rigorous work in the outdoors. The local borough has also set up a safe house for people with respiratory conditions. 
We will continue to follow this story and follow up with any updates on the potential prosecution of the individuals who caused the fire.

This is an actual story, that happened here in Fairbanks 2 years ago. There still has been no prosecution of anyone who started this fire.
Because it was started by the U.S. military during a training exercise, even though the BLM did not grant them a waiver for conducting the live fire exercise, and the Fire Chief on Ft. Wainwright recommended that they hold off on the exercise as well.
This fire caused serious damage to the people of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and breathing was extremely difficult for several weeks as a result of the fire.
But there were never any criminal prosecutions for the fire.

Contrast this to the Hammonds, two of whom, after being charged using an anti-terrorist law with minimum sentencing, are serving a 5-year prison sentence, and were also charged with a $400,000 fine. If this fine was not paid, the BLM could seize the ranch and sell it at auction, with the BLM having first right of refusal by the court if such a case happened.


Because the Hammonds started a back fire to protect their home from a lightning fire which, although it did stop the lightning fire from not only burning their home, but also stopped the fire from potentially burning thousands of acres of BLM "owned" land, undeliberately burned approximately one acre of BLM land.

Who, in America, are actually the domestic terrorists?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tom Woods

I recently was privileged to be on the Tom Woods show. Tom was very gracious in the interview, (he is just a great guy!) and I am greatly thankful to him for having me on his podcast.

Have a listen here!

Also, make sure to check out all of Tom Woods' great work.


Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Thanks Tom!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Legalized Theft

I had a discussion the other day on the Patriot's Lament radio show on the word "theft." The discussion was about the city of Fairbanks upping the amount of forfeitures it needed to fill the gap in the city budget.
I claim that asset forfeiture is theft. A caller to the show said while I might think it is theft, the city council says it is not theft, as long as it is doing the stealing.
So if a city, State, or any legislature concludes that what it does is not theft, does that mean that it is not?
If I punch someone in the nose, can I claim that it is a nostril love tap?
If I murder someone, can I call it a long sleeping spell?
Can a body of individuals change the Law of Nature, to justify its perceived needs?
Is theft always theft?
If a starving person steals food from an open kitchen window, isn't it still theft? Whether the person who was stolen from wants to receive restitution from the thief is not the concern here. Whether the starving person really needed the food more than the owner of the food doesn't matter either.
It is still theft.
It's the question that is not really all that old: if a government steals, is it really theft? Is the State held above the Law, rather than to a higher standard of the Law?
I say it is not that old of a question because in the past, it was well known that even the King himself was not above the Law.
From William Blackstone:
"For as God, when he created matter, and endued it with a principle of mobility, established certain rules for the...direction of that motion; so, when he created man, and endued him with freewill to conduct himself in all parts of life, he laid down certain immutable laws of human nature, whereby that freewill is in some degree regulated and restrained, and gave him also the faculty of reason to discover the purport of those laws."
And the Founding Fathers of America saw it quite simply, from Thomas Jefferson:
"Man has been subjected by his Creator to the moral law, of which his feelings, or conscience as it is sometimes called, are the evidence with which his Creator has furnished him .... The moral duties which exist between individual and individual in a state of nature, accompany them into a state of society, their Maker not having released them from those duties on their forming themselves into a nation."

In other words, just because man leaves the State of Nature and joins others in the State of Society, he is still held to the same Law as he was in the State of Nature, such as, do not Steal.
The very reason man leaves the State of Nature to join society is to protect his very property from theft, among few other things.
 Stealing violates the Law of Nature as its violator must take property that is not his from another person who has the rightful or higher claim to that property.
Simply being elected to an office does not grant the elected person special privileges, most certainly not the privilege to steal.

Otherwise this would mean that slavery would be legal and just. For we are talking about the very Right of Self Ownership when we speak of theft, and more so theft by the State.
If the State, or even some puny individual at a lowly city council, can steal from you legally, then that lowly city council claims ownership of your very body, and claims ultimately that you are its slave.

So, the real discussion over things such as asset forfeitures is not whether it hurts the poor at a higher percentage than others, it's not whether the State is too liberal in using the so-called law, it is not whether due process is violated or not, and I agree in the affirmative to all the above; the real discussion is whether or not it is theft.

And if it is, then this should be the focal point of our discussion.
It is theft.
Individuals using the State claim to be above and outside the Law, and choose to steal from their neighbors. They call it "legal" and the "law," but it is just theft, plain and simple.


Now I want to briefly speak to the Fairbanks City Council, that wretched gang of thieves, and enemy of a free people.
I am quite happy that you have been so forthcoming in telling the people of Fairbanks that you consider yourselves above the Law, and also that you consider the people of Fairbanks to be your slaves.
It has to be this, or otherwise you have to admit that you are simply thieves of other men's means.
The fact that you PUT INTO YOUR NEW BUDGET, additional monies you have not even yet stolen from us, through fines and asset forfeitures, by doing so you have opened many people's eyes to what you really are:

You are an enemy of the Poor.
You are an enemy of Justice.
You are an enemy of The Law.
You are an enemy of Righteousness.
You are an enemy of the People.
You are an enemy of God.

While Justice on this earth may not seem to always come swiftly, Justice will indeed come.

But don't take my word for it.

Whenever the Legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common refuge which God hath provided for all men against force and violence. ... [Power then] devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty, and, by the Establishment of a new Legislative (such as they shall think fit) provide for their own Safety and Security, which is the end for which they are in Society." John Locke


Friday, December 18, 2015

Send the FAA to the Boneyard!

By: Michael Anderson (for Patriot's Lament)
December 16, 2015

Ever since Monday I have been seething with hatred for the state-even more than usual. On Monday the FAA released a new regulation requiring the registration of “Unmanned Arial Systems” (UAS) weighing 0.55 pounds or more. This includes any toy or model aircraft that can be controlled, even if it's only flown in your yard. The FAA did say that this does not include paper airplanes. They seriously state that on their website. How did we get to the point that we now have to register our model airplanes? There are some modelers on comments sections thinking this is great because now, their hobby is legitimate. Now they can feel responsible and important, now that they can get another pat on the head by their master.

Compulsory registration of private property is a fundamental violation of property rights. Once someone is forced to register their property with the state, they no longer own it-they rent it. In this case, involving registration of drones and RC airplanes, the renter of what was once his property must provide name, home address, email and five dollars every three years. That doesn't sound like much. But the civil and criminal penalty is outrageous. The civil penalty is up to $27,500 and the criminal penalty is up to $250,000 and three years in prison. All of that for not registering a model airplane. So what if you register and in three years it expires and you forget to register or you crashed it and didn't report it.  Will some goon from the FAA show up and fine you or take you to prison? That is the risk that you take when you register. I wouldn't register in the first place- You'll be better off. If you are stupid enough to actually register your model airplane or helicopter, you have just given ownership of your model to the federal government and you paid them $5 to take ownership of it. Only the state could negotiate that kind of rip-off. 

The FAA claims that this regulation is about safety. They claim that with all drones and models being registered, they can easily find someone who causes damage to property and they can know who to fine and it will make people be more responsible. This is a nonsensical argument. If I cause damage to property with my drone, I am liable for repairs anyway, just as if I cause the damage with a rock when I throw it into an aircraft engine or through a window or into a sports stadium. By the FAA's logic we need to register all rocks with the FAA before we can throw them.  Bureaucrats never find an end to the list of regulations that would help us “be safe”. Bureaucrats also don't seem to realize that more government encourages people to be less responsible, a topic for another article. It won't be long before we are forced to register or cut off one or both of our hands for the cause of safety and national security. After all, a person without hands can't commit a mass shooting or fly a drone or throw a rock. It is unfortunate that so many people loose all capacity for rational thought as soon as a bureaucrat or safety officer shows up and employs the safety excuse on them. 

 Of course, like all bureaucracies, the FAA doesn't offer any sort of incentive for compliance, except they won't put you in prison or bankrupt you. Deputy FAA Administrator, Michael Whitaker, made the disgusting statement “Our real challenge is to get them to understand the rules and get them to comply”. That's right, get those tax cows to comply with our arbitrary dictates. Bend over, we got a broomstick for you. In a free society, that is one without a state, such a registration would be voluntary and the fee would provide an incentive, such as local RC airfields or at least a magazine subscription. Bureaucrats tend to be some of the laziest, least intelligent and least moral members of society and as such, they view all private property as theirs for the taking and convince themselves that paperwork makes us safer because they can't come up with a better excuse for the general looting of the public. This makes them, both, Liars and thieves. Unfortunately some of the public are even dumber than the bureaucrats and accept such ludicrous claims and even view them as a path to being praised by those who wish to rob them.  

In 2012 The FAA was tasked with coming up with drone regulation. The FAA formed a board from private organizations to “advise” them on these new regulations. One of those orginizations was the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Apparently the FAA didn't listen to anything they had to say because the Executive Director of the AMA, Dave Mathewson, who participated in the task force said education programs are the way to ensure safety, rather than a registry that will create “an unnecessary burden” on the group’s members.

Section 336 of the FMRA explicitly prohibits the FAA from regulating hobby aircraft that are flown within line of site. The FAA responded to the section 336 challenge by stating “While section 336 bars the FAA from promulgating new rules or regulations that apply only to model aircraft, the prohibition against future rulemaking is not a complete bar on rulemaking and does not exempt model aircraft from complying with existing statutory and regulatory requirements”. In other words, “We don't give a shit”. So even if you did get prosecuted for not registering your model airplane you could take it to court and win, after you loose your house to pay for the legal fees. This is how a tyranny (the state) works- it violates it's own alleged code of conduct and then just bankrupts the tax cow. After all, the state can get all the money it needs from the other tax cows to keep the case going. This is what happens to a people who have failed to properly define words such as the word “right”, which is another subject for another article. 

When the FAA was tasked with coming up with drone regulations and they were focused on drones used for commercial purposes, which is no less a violation of property rights. Again we see how regulation on one group becomes expanded to all groups. Clearly this is not about safety, especially considering the outrageous fines. One only needs to type “FAA funding” into Startpage to find the real reason for these regulations. The FAA routinely runs out of money and these fines are needed to keep the FAA bureaucrats employed. Back in September, they were granted a six month funding extension, in 2013, the FAA's funding was cut, resulting in ATC layoffs and in 2011 through 2012 the FAA went through 20 temporary funding extensions that resulted in partial shutdowns. The FAA needs money and like all agencies of the state, they will take it at the point of a gun, rather than operating in a peaceful market situation. The drone regulations and fines are just the FAA gasping for cash to survive. 

Back when I completed my private pilot rating, the FAA stated that their purpose was to promote General Aviation. After the 9/11 false flag they changed their stated mission goal to enforcing compliance to regulation. The FAA no longer even pretended to be interested in the rights of pilots or passengers. It is now only interested in advancing the cause of the state (public looting). At one time the FAA provided some good services and its employees really did try to provide quality services. But like all state agencies, the FAA became just another guaranteed pension for the dumb and corrupt. 

The FAA is mostly a regulatory body charged with the safety of air travel. But it's bureaucratic nature and inability to adapt make it a danger. It was only this year that the FAA upgraded from their old HOST system that was developed in the 1960's. The new system, called ERAM began development in 2002, was installed in the spring of 2015 and is a $2.1 billion part of a larger $40 billion project called NexGen that will have the air traffic control system upgraded by 2025. In other words, the system will be upgraded by 2025 with a system that is already outdated today. Would you find a private organization running air traffic control with massive, power-sucking antiquated computer systems from the 1960's when a smart phone and a cheap app can do the same job? Would you find private companies spending $40 billion for the upgrade? You can purchase smartphone apps that combine data from multiple sources for instant and exact locations of aircraft everywhere in the world. Finally, why must the airspace be run by one central agency when each airport and control center can run itself and communicate with all of the others instantly with modern technology? 

Clearly the FAA has outlived any usefulness it might once have had. It has become so narcissistic that it assumes it can control model airplanes and helicopters in your own yard and it is such a bureaucratic behemoth that it is only now beginning to upgrade from fifty year old technology to fifteen year old technology. It is time for the FAA to just die and be replaced by privately funded and operated aviation services. Take AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) for example. It spends millions of dollars every year just lobbying politicians on behalf of pilots. In 2014 they spent $2.5 million on lobbying. In 2013 they spent $2.83 million on lobbying. Why not get rid of the state and the politicians, then all of that money could go to AOPA airports and ATC systems that are far more efficient than the decrepit old systems the FAA still relies on. The FAA is just another pile of ruble in a crumbling nation that sacrificed the market. This is one more great example as to why we just need to abolish the state and allow the market to service our needs. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Ron Paul's most important message to us today.

Please watch this important insight from Dr. Ron Paul. As we talked about this last Saturday on Patriot's Lament radio, do NOT succumb to the fear-mongering of the State.
It is ALL lies.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ron Paul Institute

I am a big supporter of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
I really believe the work that they are doing there is actually taking that step up and forward from when Dr. Paul was a congressman. Lovers of Liberty should support the Institute.
Please join me and send them whatever you can for the fight for Liberty.
Thank you!
Ron Paul Institute

Friday, July 31, 2015

Iran Sanctions and the Entangling Alliances of the Gas Wars:

Article by Michael Anderson.

If you want to find the culprit, follow the money. We've all heard that. Likewise, if you want to know where the next war will be, follow the pipeline plans. When it comes to large engineering projects, plans always change, even from day to day, at times. In such a relationship, it only seems logical that as plans suffer major changes, so must the wars. After all, major wars are about conquering the areas where the oil is located and minor battles are about clearing out the population that happens to be blocking the pipeline route. Wars are Never started by aggrieved parties who just want “justice” They are always started by the state to establish or enhance monopolies while using some fake grievance as the official reason. Today, oil and gas are the one most closely associated resources related to acts of war.

It can be quite confusing to follow who is “our” enemy and who is “our” ally on any given day. Just yesterday I saw that the US had given Turkey permission to bomb the Kurdish fighters who are fighting ISIS.  Among the Kurdish fighters there are Americans who decided, out of their own ignorance as to the origin of ISIS (Saudi Arabia and the US), to fight ISIS.  Americans join the poor Kurds (who's gassing was one of the excuses for the first gulf war) to fight ISIS, who makes fake threats of attacking the “homeland”. Then America agrees to the bombing of those Kurds aided by independent American fighters. 

For over a decade, now, we have been bombarded with propaganda about Iran obtaining a nuke. It was the event that woke me up to how the world really worked. The claims were so crazy that I couldn't take the cognitive dissonance any longer and that was when I was a republican. Fortunately for the whole world, the NIE discovered in 2007 that there were no nukes or preparation for nukes and Washington lost their narrative for a “justified” pre-emptive war. The old fable of Iran getting nukes persists among the neo-cons and their mindless parrots. Unfortunately, Iran has been held under sanction for years under the excuse that they are seeking nukes, even with the proof that they were not and are not. Nor is Iran a nation with a trend of attacking anyone. In fact, the last time they attacked anyone was in 1798. Whereas the US can't go six months without finding a new “enemy” to attack, often backed by Israel, and Saudi Arabia or initiated by Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

According to John Perkins, in his book 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man', part of his job was to make sure lucrative projects were awarded to US corporations. He also writes about the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. After Saudi's oil embargos against the US, the US treasury had been employed in a deal with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia would provide cheap and plentiful oil to the US and promise not to embargo the US again and in return, the US Treasury would provide the money to turn Saudi Arabia into a rich first world country and would supply the US military to fight Saudi Arabia's petrol-wars. 

In the past few years, the wars have turned to gas. Several major gas lines have been proposed. Some were abandoned for better ones and some have already gone into operation. Natural gas has long been in short supply in Europe and since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has been Europe's savior in this area by leading the charge to get gas to Europe. But others want that business and are willing to destroy Russia's allies to get the gas line routes.

 Fig 1: Petroleum map of Iran and surrounding area.

One proposed pipeline was the Nabucco line that would go from Azerbaijan, through Turkey and into Europe, as shown below. As the reader can see, One of the feed lines originates in Iran and the other in Azerbaijan (see fig 2). The Gas would have been supplied by the Shah Deniz Gas Field in the Caspian sea on the north side of Iran and operated by BP

The plan for the Nabucco line was developed in 2002 (hmmm) and abandoned in 2013 after Iran, Iraq and finally Azerbaijan dropped out as potential suppliers. The Nabucco plan was beat out by a competing plan, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) which will supply gas from the same, Shah Deniz, gas field. But even that will supply only about one percent of Europe's demand.

Syria in the Way
In August of 2013, right after the Nabucco line was abandoned, Saudi backed rebels launched poison gas canisters in Damascus, Syria. The attack was blamed on Assad and the US claimed to have taped the events. However the US never released its “proof” that Assad was to blame. Latter, video of Rebels launching gas canisters surfaced and spread around Youtube and on August 30, 2013  Dale Gavlak of the AP reported that the rebels detonated chemical weapons by accident, not knowing what they were and having been supplied with them by Saudi Arabia and while having been on the payroll of Saudi Arabia. Apparently the rebels were supposed to deliver them to Al-Quaeda offshoot Jahab Al-Nusra but they exploded in a tunnel, killing a dozen rebels. John Kerry tried his hardest to get the world to believe Assad did it. But Why? It is not commonly known that Obama had vetoed a Franco-Saudi plan to outright Assassinate Assad in 2012 by using US carrier based warplanes to bombard Damascus for 12 hours, then raid the palace and kill Assad and his family. The Obama administration was “concerned” about the carnage it would inflict on the population. Was that out of a moral concern or a concern of appearance? Obviously they were concerned about appearance since the US State Dept worked so hard to get the world to believe Assad carried out the later chemical attack to justify the very same military action that was proposed the previous year by Saudi Arabia. 

But why all this effort to oust Assad? Because Syria has been an ally and gas production partner of Russia and Russia provides most of the gas to the EU. But Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Israel want that business.  The Al-Quada associated rebels in Syria, who were fighting Assad (now ISIS), are backed by Saudi Arabia, the US and Qatar. Qatar has proposed the Qatar-Turkey line which would transit through Saudi Arabia. Gas for the Qatar-Turkey line would be sourced from the North Dome/South Pars Gas field in the Persian Gulf, right off the coast of Qatar and it happens to be the largest gas field in the world, yet found, containing an estimated 51 trillion cubic meters (tcm) of gas. It is split between Qatar and Iranian territories. The South Pars portion is actually on the north side, but lies in the southern territory of Iran, hence, the confusing names. Refer to the red area on fig 1.  The agreement for the new gas line going from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey was agreed upon on June 25th, 2011. But only Syria stood in the way and Assad did not want to agree because he did not want to hurt Russia's share in the region. In 2011, Syrian geologists had discovered a gas field near the Mediterranean port of Tartus, and near Homs, Syria, an area also leased by the Russians. If developed by Syria and Russia, this field could also supply gas to Europe. Gazprom owns and operates production and distribution facilities in Syria. Those very expensive Russian facilities have been under threat by ISIS since the conflict started, and, in May, 2015, ISIS blew up a gas line supplying the Gazprom facility in Furqlus, part of the Homs area. This “mega”-field is now in the hands of ISIS, Saudi Arabia's proxy army backed by the US. The Chinese have had claim to some of the wells in this discovery, also, but they are not in production yet. So, of course, China is sided with Russia. ISIS is an attempt to take over the middle east for Saudi Arabia.

Iran: A New Opportunity.
A competitor to the Qatar-Turkey line is the Iran-Iraq-Syria Line that will take gas from the South Pars field, and send it through a new Iranian trunk line called the IGAT-6. From there, it will travel north, through Iran, supply Iraq and then through Syria and then on to Europe. A similar line had been in the works until 2010 when US Sanctions forced Swiss partner Elektrizit├Ątsgesellschaft Laufenburg to back out. Until the discovery and development of the South Pars field, Iran was actually a net importer of LNG. The agreements for building the IGAT-6 line were signed on July 15, 2015 with the Iranian Government covering 75 percent of the 2.3 billion dollar cost. This just happens to be the day after Obama lifted sanctions on Iran, on July 14, 2015, an action backed by the UN. Key to this story is also the fact that Shell Oil owes 2.3 billion dollars to Iran and that in June, 2015, Shell executives were in Tehran having talks and now, Iran will soon have the largest floating LNG terminal in the world. With sanctions lifted, Iran will no longer be limited to exporting gas only to Turkey and Armenia, but also to Iraq, Which is part of the IGAT-6 plan, and on to Europe. New export agreements for the Iranian gas are to made in the near future. Since the Qatar-Iran-Iraq line is stalled, due to the conflict in Syria, Iran appears to be a much brighter prospect to getting gas to Iraq and Europe at some point in the future. Shipment of Iranian gas to Iraq will begin in a few weeks with a 25 year contract. In addition to gas exports, Iran hopes to start exporting metals and automobiles to Europe and Iran's Deputy Economy Minister Mohammad Khazaei stated that they have already completed negotiations with some European companies wanting to invest in Iran.

Pakistan and China?
According to an agreement made between Iran and Pakistan in 2012, a new contract was signed to ship Iranian gas to Pakistan. According to the terms of the agreement, Pakistan was to be ready to receive the gas in the end of 2014 with a one million dollar per day penalty if the deadline was not met. But sanctions on Iran have prevented Pakistan from completing its part of the project. Recently, however, Pakistan has entered into a 46 billion dollar project to ship gas to China to reduce China's dependence on the Straight of Malacca for energy imports. (http://civilnet.am/2015/07/26/lifting-of-sanctions-to-boost-iranian-gas-exports-petrostrategies/#.VbkGdLaVs8o

Russian Competition.
In 2011 Russia began the Nord Stream line that provides gas to Europe, via  pipes under the Baltic Sea. Discussion for the Nord Stream line began in 1997 and it was laid between May of 2010 and November of 2011. The EU has long been a net importer of gas. Even in 1997, the EU demand for gas was 439 bcm but its production was only 245 bcm. Connecting Europe to Russian gas supplies has long been seen as a solution to Europe's gas shortage, considering that Russia has almost as much gas (44,600 bcm reserves in 2012) as the middle east. The Nord Stream line allows Russia to divert some of the gas that would have gone through Ukraine and Belarus resulting in an annual loss of $700 million, worth of transit fees, for Ukraine. Most of the Russian gas will still be transiting through Ukraine, however. It is also important to note some of the late propaganda we have received about Lithuania's need for Nato troops to protect them from an “uptick” in military activity in the form of Russian troops and Russian planes flying over, some with transponders turned off. Take a look at the map in fig 3. Do you see that little pink spot between Lithuania and Poland? That is the Russian Oblast Kaliningrad. It Holds a large Russian Naval base and has since WWII. It is the only port in the Baltic that remains Ice-free year round and, thus, is an important port to maintain the Russian fleet and presumably to maintain the Nord Stream line. Of course there are Russian military aircraft flying over. It's an old Russian base. Considering the tensions that have brewed, I might turn my transponder off, too, if I were a Russian pilot flying over the area. Oh, for us Anarcho-Capitalists, it has been a Russian Economic Free Zone since 1991. There is no military buildup against Lithuania. The Russians have always been there.

In December of 2012, Russia also began work on the South Stream project which will send Russian gas under the Black Sea and through the Balkans and into Austria and Italy. The South Stream project is projected to be complete in 2018 (fig 4). Even if the Middle East pipelines like Nabucco had been built, they would not be able to compete with the amount of gas that Russia can supply through the South Stream line. Not even the new Iranian line can. The gas provided through IGAT-6 could only supply half of what the Russian South stream line can and as of now, IGAT-6 is only going as far as Iraq and Turkey. Europe needs Russia or it freezes.

Lately the neo-cons have been enraged (or at least they pretend to be to stir up the political fervor among their flocks of war-pigs) by Obama's lifting of sanctions on Iran. “Obama is putting Iran on the glideslope to a nuclear bomb” says Chris Christie. According to Ted Cruz, Iran could set off an EMP over New York. Neo-cons are claiming Obama is allowing Iran to fund terrorism and other forms of nonsensical fear mongering for the war-hungry. The US, under Obama, the Bush's, Clinton and Reagan has been funding, training and supplying various terrorist groups throughout the world for decades. The neo-con mystics are even claiming that their crossword puzzle, called the Torah Code, is predicting an imminent nuke attack by Iran and therefore Israel must nuke Iran first. Obama may be a tyrant in a whole lot of ways but lets be honest. He didn't lift sanctions on Iran because he is a Muslim terrorist in presidential drag. He lifted sanctions because Iran now has a market advantage against Saudi Arabia. Sanctions on Iran have not been recently supported by Saudi Arabia, only because Saudi Arabia demands a more “decisive action” by the US against Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia now officially supports the lifting of sanctions. Sanctions have only put the US in the middle of tribal wars between sects of the same religion. 

America's wars are the result of interventionist policy. By exposing the US to the tribal resource wars  of the region in entangling alliances.  ISIS was a creation of Saudi Arabia and allies to take middle-east gas fields and since the US had long ago promised to give military aid to Saudi Arabia, the US made itself a partner in a major terror campaign to simply steal resources. Clearly Europe sees a benefit in trading with Iran. It is far more lucrative than spending money dropping bombs on Middle-East countries for Saudi-Arabia. In fact, while researching this article I found an advertisement by Saudi Arabia hailing the benefits of “Decisive Storm”, a military action led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen, as if it were some kind of miracle cream (http://www.arabnews.com/DecisiveStorm) .  This is just one audacious example of the mindset of the Saudi royals. They are a mafia with no regard for property rights or life. To them, like to many US politicians, war is just business. 

Perhaps European and US companies are tired of dealing with Saudi Arabia's monopolist wars and the lost opportunities it has cost them. Companies operating in the market are always willing to cooperate with each other if it helps them profit. The Shah Deniz field was to be operated by BP, but other companies from Russia and Iran also held shares in that field. It is the State that is in constant conflict for tax revenue and transit fees and that depends on who gets to have the line travel through “their” conquered territory. In reality, although the US is the Giant, it got that way with cheap access to oil and the trade-off was to sell its mercenary services to the nation that provides that resource-Saudi Arabia and now- Qatar. But after all of these years of watching Saudi Arabia orchestrate and participate in false flags to stir up conflict and using the US to depose Saudi's oil rivals while despicable US politicians profit off the wars they help orchestrate what we may be witnessing is an example of the market breaking the current war cycle. But even parasites can adapt, so it is possible that politicians will make deals with Iran, similar to those made with Saudi Arabia. Is it possible that, with ISIS (Saudi) now in control of so much of Syria, Saudi Arabia will allow Iran to send gas through? Is it possible that the US realizes it can no longer afford to be Saudi Arabia's henchman (politically or financially) and now it needs to move on to greener pastures? Since the deals established with Saudi Arabia, the US has been willing to carry out Saudi Arabia's desires and with NATO being run by the US, that puts Europe at odds with the US. Either Europe breaks ties with NATO, to maintain gas supplies from Russia or it freezes. Europe's NATO alliance is forcing it against its own supplier. Or the US breaks with Saudi Arabia and makes peace with Iran to keep getting oil and gas. The sanctions against Iran were always a tool used to appease the Saudi's. There was never any real concern about Iran having nukes. It was all a ploy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thomas DiLorenzo writes at LRC blog...

So many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of government regulations have accumulated over the past several generations that we are all now at the mercy of any nitwit/moron/jerk/sufferer of small-man syndrome who weasels his (or her) way into the lowliest of jobs in the smallest of government bureaucracies. Once implanted there, they make full use of all the levers of bureaucracy that have been built up over more than 200 years to push the rest of us around and make us jump through their financial hoops in order to stroke their own phony self importance.

His full post is here.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two powerful editorials...

D.C. creates the monster it then scares us with. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.

Where does ISIS get those wonderful toys?

Once we're scared it then appeals to every aspect of our being, both good and bad, to lure us into doing its dirty work.

Katy Perry, master propagandist

Monday, May 11, 2015

Patriot's Lament with Becky Akers

The wonderful Becky Akers joins us on Patriot's Lament Radio. We start out talking about Benedict Arnold, and in true Becky Akers style, she exposes the State Leviathan for what it is.
I have to say, Becky has ramped it up since the last time we spoke. Enjoy!