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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Debt Show

Writes Lew Rockwell
Most Americans learned their lesson during TARP: all their calls and letters to congressmen had had no effect as compared to a nudge from Goldman Sachs, etc. Since we live in a bankocracy, it mattered not at all that 100% of real people were opposed to the big-boy bailout. And this time, I can't find any regular people who care about the debt ceiling, and why should they? We know, with Ron Paul, that default is the far better option, economically and morally, than more debt. We also know, with Ron, that the congress will obey the banks, and keep borrowing and inflating until the dollar is wastepaper. That's why all this manufactured drama interests no one not on the regime's payroll (the cable channels, for example). We also know that the balanced-budget amendment is a snare and a delusion, as Ron has long pointed out. But who ever thought our salvation was to be found in the US congress, that collection of demagogues, bribe-takers, clowns, and boobs, and a handful of decent people? The democratic myth holds that they are our "representatives," and you can lobby them just like Citibank or Lockheed does. No, you can't. Ron Paul is leaving congress. What else do we need to know? We need to follow his lead, in his work against the regime and for economic sanity, peace, and civil liberties. Forget congress. Or rather, diss them every chance you get, laugh at them, withdraw your consent, and know that our hope is elsewhere: in our own minds and hearts, inspired by great men like Ron, and in the hearts and minds of our comrades.
Reprinted from Lew Rockwell's Political Theater: The Debt Show

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