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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matt Want (part 2), Religious Freedom, and Self Ownership

Matt Want joins Steve, David, and Josh in studio for another discussion about using violence to deal with differences in opinion (voting) or pursuing peaceful action instead.

A caller also takes the show towards a discussion of religious freedom when he implies that Natural Law is not something that we are always discovering, but instead something that some specific Christians have complete knowledge of.

The libertarian premise of self ownership is also questioned by this caller, but any logical debate is dismissed because it is asserted that logic is not a valid tool with which to examine premises ... a curiously common viewpoint for the followers of the modern American religion of Christian Statism.

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  1. As to the premise that the Almighty owns me because he created me... That makes me accoutable to Him only and the scriptures confirm this. However, that does not debunk libertarian principles, it reinforces them. If God owns and intrusts life to an individual, then by default no other individual, entity, or assortment of them has right to lay claim on, hinder, or destroy that life; it's Gods'.