"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it." -John Adams

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Americans dodged the big one. Whatever.

So pat yourselves on the back, gun lovers of America. You made a stand against a bunch of huff and puff, and it seems you "won" again.
All this talk about gun control was a bunch of crap. Sure, if the State could disarm you, it would be very preferable, but do you think they would risk anything to make it happen?
Why would they?
Americans still will pay whatever tax is demanded of them.
Americans will still obey whatever law or regulation is put on them.
American churches will still get 501C-3 permission from the state to have the right to gather and "worship."
American Christians will still get permission slips from the State before they get married before God.
Americans will still send their children en masse to public indoctrinated education schools.
America will still have the highest incarceration rate in the world, where 90% of the inmates are there for "crimes against the state," not actual crime with a victim.
American politicians will still do insider trading, pass huge contracts to their buddies to enrich themselves and bail out banks and corporations.
American politicians will still pass laws that take away every other right in the bill of rights with zero consequence.
The government is still bankrupting the country, spending with zero limitations, and refusing to slow down.
Your dollar is still eroding into a thing of the past.
The president will still have a kill list.
The government still claims the right to detain you forever without trial.
The wars for the Empire won't slow one bit.
And you?
Your best answer to all this is, " We gotta get a better guy in office next time."
As I have said before, Americans are the most well-armed slaves in history.
But you are not free. You are still slaves.

Enjoy your gun.


  1. I think it is funny that Obama said, "land of the free," but conveniently left out, "home of the brave."

    It would be somewhat inconvenient, after all, to have a bunch of brave people in your country when one's entire raison d'etre is to expand government through fear tactics.


  2. We have the government we deserve. It's up to us to deserve better.

  3. You may be right, but let's give some credit to those who stood up for SOMEthing. At least folks made some noise, some resistance. You gotta give them something. Is it better to just say "Oh well, I'm a slave. I'll just take it quietly."?

    I understand your and Steve's point about not participating in government, elections, etc. as to not give them 'legitimacy'. But by not participating and getting involved, aren't you doing the very thing they want from someone who is liberty-minded and not 'asleep'?

    If your child is behaving in a wrong manner, let's say having a tantrum over wanting ice cream... what is the last thing you give them? Right, the ice cream. Well, the government would love you to back out of all voting and influence in places of leadership. They can freely pass liberty-attacking, unconstitutional laws and then when you violate the law, they can 'legally' throw you in jail! Why give them what they want?

    I know my thoughts are ideal, but if your fight is blameless there could be a change from the inside. I don't think you can live in America and 'ignore' the government. Why hand them all the power? Are you not supporting their leadership by not resisting it in every arena possible?

    Do we really want Natalie Howard to quit? Do we want her and others that have some sense of liberty to leave all positions of influence on a political level? If we don't vote for her, how will she have that particular voice? Should we just let another Lisa M. type take her place? Is that what is good for our community, for liberty?

  4. Sure I am glad that people raised a stink over gun control. My point is big deal. Just like the many sheriffs today who are saying they won't go along with any gun control measures because it violates the citizens rights! Bull. Those same sheriffs are violating our rights everyday in this country, and I am suppose to believe they have all of a sudden had a change of heart?
    Governments rely on one thing and one thing only, even dictatorships, and that thing is consent. Even the US government loud mouths talk about how Syria's leaders no longer have the peoples consent. Dictatorships have propaganda machines simply to tell the people that everyone is happy with the government and that everyone is consenting to it. The government in this country more so than others claims to govern by "consent". The "will of the people". No one has ever asked me if I consent to the taxes I pay, I do it simply so I won't be killed. Just because I was born in America doesn't mean I consent to being governed by a bunch of thugs in the State.
    So, I withdraw my consent in every way that I can, and the more of us that do, the more illegitimate the State becomes. When you vote or participate in ANY way with the State, you are saying it is a legitimate entity that has a right to rule over you, and that you just want to change HOW it rules over you. I refuse. I will resist by any and all means that I can. The state has no legitimate authority to rule over me, it simply has the force to do so. But the state has no force, which we do not give it. Withdraw consent, don't worry about a Lisa M., who cares about her or any of them?
    You will be much happier when you decide to live free, and not to give consent to the gang of thieves.

    1. Thanks, Joshua. I hear you. Maybe we can agree that getting out information (the truth) is crucial... even if it is delivered through political means.