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Saturday, October 12, 2013


I am not a Monsanto apologist. I am not a fan of GM foods. At the same time, I am somewhat fascinated at some of Monsanto's developments.
How many sports fans love astroturf? Then thank Monsanto. DDT, developed by Monsanto, almost eradicated malaria from the earth. Then it was banned worldwide. The U.N. estimates 30-100 million people, mostly in Africa, have died from malaria since its ban.
Monsanto was the first company to mass produce LED lights. How many people have used Roundup weed killer?
Again, I am not here to protect Monsanto.
But I have to ask, while the world is protesting them and saying, "We hate Monsanto," who is the real problem? The company selling its superior products, or the State, that enables their monopolies and protects their product using IP laws and patent protections?
Why beg the State to force product  labeling, the very State that enables Monsanto's monopoly? Monsanto could not do what it is doing without the State's protection. Why hack at the branches, Monsanto, and not Strike the Root? The State?
I  only ask, those of you who are protesting Monsanto and its GMO foods, to ask yourself, and to put your energy towards, not ending Monsanto, but putting an end to its enabler, the State.
Quit fighting the effects, which is a waste of time, like fighting a cancer in its final stage, and fight the cause, which is the State. Who is more evil, the Corporation paying off politicians, or the  politicians who accept the bribes (political contributions). How many of you have given monies to different political campaigns, to get the outcome you want? How is this different from Monsanto?
There is none.
Direct your energy to fight the State; direct your resources to resist the State.
All these monopolies fall, when the empire falls.

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  1. Yes, you're right. Not getting at the root means not addressing the problem. IMO the problem with crony capitalism lies more in the state, and the oathbreaking politicians who perpetuate it.