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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're All Conspiracy Theorists Now

Nice to see the mainstream media catching up to Patriot's Lament, which has been inveighing against militarized police for years.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to know what equipment your local infantry-sorry, cops have acquired from the Department of Defense for use against you and your neighbors, here's the catalog. Yeah, the endless list exhausted and confused me, too. David Fisher has very kindly "visualized" the data for us. His graphic dramatically proves that the only difference between cops and the US Army is a name.

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  1. I consider the graphic you linked to somewhat misleading in that it is incomplete. At the very least it needs to be accompanied by a graphic showing per capita distribution of this military equipment by state.

    The reason I consider the graphic misleading is at first glance I felt some reassurance to see Alaska far over there on the bottom right among those states whose gross allotment of military equipment is lowest. When I thought about it, though, I wasn't so reassured because though Alaska has less equipment, it also has a very small population.

    For example, on the graph California is shown to have a large allotment. The graph quantifies the California allotment as QTY=18. Alaska's allotment is shown to be QTY=1. However, note this: California has a population of approximately 38 million while Alaska's population is less than 1 million. ( It is approximately 735,000.) Therefore Alaska's allotment of armaments per capita is more than double that of California. We're much more militarized than California!