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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It won't happen in America, yeah, well it just did.

This morning while I was working on a bid for a job, my phone quit working. I tried it a few more times and then thought about it for a minute and then asked my wife, is your phone working? It wasn't.
So I sat and waited.
Then they came.
I watched them scatter.
My wife came running down the stairs yelling, "Josh, there are a bunch of men surrounding our house and they have guns!!"
I have 8 children, all of them watching the scene unfold before their eyes. Dozens of agents wearing body armor and carrying machine guns, swarm around our house.
I think over my options, (there is only one, they kill kids) and I walk to the door, and yell loud enough for the thugs outside and my family inside to hear, "It's the FBI , don't be scared, just be quiet and sit down!" I open the door and am looking at Michael Anderson's wife. They have her in front of them, between us, and she is crying.
"How can I help you?"
"Mr. Bennett, we are here for Michael Anderson!"
"Do you have a warrant?"
They walk right in. My mind is screaming to demand to see the warrant, when I am told, "Mr. Bennett, we don't want any trouble, and I don't want to frighten your children."  He's a little late for that. He ignores my request about the warrant, and proceeds to find and arrest Michael Anderson. I stand in my living room and watch the agents running around here to there. I look at one who is holding his rifle next to a car. He looks at me for a second, then moves behind the car and continues to watch. I look at my 6-year-old twin girls; they are scared to death. I hold my hands out far from my sides for "them" to see.
Michael is brought upstairs, his 4-year-old son is screaming at the agents, "Don't take my dad, don't take my dad!" I ask what he is being charged with, and am told he is being held as a witness. "You guys arrest your witnesses now?" I ask about the warrant again. But it's done. They go out the door. They put Mike in the car, and spend a few more minutes running around the house for some reason, guns in the open.
Now they are gone.
One of the twins asks me, "Poppa, why did they come here with guns?" I say they were scared.
"Why poppa? Why are they scared of us, we don't hurt people, and we wouldn't hurt them". I tell her they just wanted to come and get Mike, and it's ok because now they are gone. She says," I know why they came and took Mr. Anderson, Poppa, because they know he didn't do anything wrong, and they don't want him to tell other people". HA! Out of the mouths of babes. She is right, one agent could have come and actually served the warrant, and produced the same outcome. That must not be enough fun for them. I talked to my older sons...were they afraid? Yes. One said," Dad, there were guys running all over with guns, how could we not be?" I told them it's ok. I was too.
I hope they enjoyed terrorizing my family.
Criminals in costumes.

I just talked with Michael from the jail. He was never shown a warrant, even after asking numerous times for it. He is not being charged with anything. He was arrested as a "witness" and has a bail hearing in the morning. For what? He's been out of jail for over a month, obviously he is not a threat, and isn't going anywhere.

I guess that's my story for now. I seriously think if I hear another person tell me "it can't happen here," I may sock him in the nose.


  1. What. The. Hell. Keep us posted man.

  2. Il Duce Napolitano is proud of her boys, I'm sure.

  3. We can stay "posted" all that we want but until that time when the rubber meets the road not one damn thing changes!!!! Where are the patriots who live in that area??? The thugs are allowed to walk the streets one more day why??? Does anybody have a fookin' spine anymore???? When do we take the fight to them????? Is there anyone else anywhere who is as pissed off as I am???????????? Can someone please turn the television off and attend to the real business at hand??????

    Newark, Ohio

  4. So, Joshua, did this actually happen at your house? This is truly appalling & I realize there are more & more instances of this type of "thug" activity from our so called authorities, but what are the steps I/we can take to get ahead of this? I've been working on preparedness & self sufficient living but in the face of this kind of "police action" or FBI action I'm not sure what to do. Do I start threatening with guns myself or encourage the men folk to do that? I have some questions that, for me, are tough ones to answer easily. I'd sincerely appreciate your input.


  5. This is an outrage, but you handled it well for your family's sake. I cannot stand people saying 'it can't happen here' as well, and that is based on the study of and a healthy appreciation of history.

  6. Genene, yes this happened at my home. What do you do to prepare? Do you really think you can out gun them? I sure was not going to resist them. And I do have guns. I know how to use them very well. And I and my family would be dead right now. Am I less of a man, do I not know I am responsible to protect my own Rights...
    Myself? I think I am going to vote with my feet and leave this country while I can.
    I am taking down my American flag, that's flying in front of my house, that I loved so much.

  7. Josh, I agree that guns aren't necessarily the answer, hence my question to you. My husband and one of my sons-in-law (son-in-laws?) have plenty o' guns and I've often asked them the same question you asked me. If it comes down to it, do you think you can outgun them, out man them? That's why I'm looking for other ideas & options. Leaving the country sounds intriguing! Where? I know you may not feel comfortable answering that online....

    Next, I have been feeling the need to prepare for about 20 years. I finally got a piece of land (only 10 acres) and I've been learning more about doing things myself & learning to be self sufficient. Lately I've been trying to focus on ways to extend my growing season which is pretty short here in Southeast Idaho. Storing food I've grown, having some animals & some ways to feed them as well as us.... these are the thinks I've been focusing on. Having a supply of a few of the essentials (I would love to have more but....)and some food supply & a water supply (source). All of these things are great & I know that there may be scenarios that make all of these things either unusable or so highly coveted that they're hard to hold on to.

    My husband feels pretty much the same way I do. He has a different focus than I do and we're still on the same page.

    I'd really enjoy & appreciate more communication with you if you're willing.


  8. Like a band of rabid commancheros they raid those unable to defend against them.. I hope these "heros" are happy about branding the psyche's of children and hope they steeled their hearts instead.
    God Speed.

    Yank lll

  9. Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me)December 7, 2011 at 5:32 PM

    Our Republic is long gone. Time for revenge.

  10. Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me)December 7, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    BTW, this is the first time I have visited. The design of the Gadsden Flag in your sidebar is interesting. Is there significance to the yellow and black field?

  11. You made the right decision Josh. As for me, I will keep talking and preparing until it comes home like it did to you. At that point I would quiet down and continue preparation. Family before rights while we still have the chance to make the choice. Be safe.

  12. Giving them an excuse to kill doesn't actually accomplish anything except make corpses.

    When these thugs aren't allowed in polite society in their personal lives, because they're viewed as what they are, THEN things will change. When people say, "They protect our freedoms" and it is a sneer because everyone knows they protect the political class which loots us, then things will change. And it will happen without a shot being fired.

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  14. Crotalus, the flag is a variation on the Voluntaryist flag. Voluntaryism being the belief that peace and harmony (and subsequently opportunity and wealth) in society can only be realized if we choose to interact voluntarily with each other, instead of initiating force to get what we want. It is based on the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) which states that the initiation of the use of force is always morally unjust.

    Gold represents free voluntary market exchange.
    Black represents the absence of a single coercive authority that has a monopoly on the use of force.

    This is also known as a "Private Law Society" (see: Hans Hermann Hoppe) or a "Anarcho-Capitalist" society (see: Murray Rothbard).

    I also must agree with the post directly above this one. Power does not come at the barrel of a gun. It comes with sanction. Look at some of the comments in the News-Miner. The mainstream viewpoint in America is that this sort of police state action is necessary and good. When that viewpoint changes, the police state will end.

    We have several posts on the blog discussing this. Ideas and philosophies decide where the guns are pointed and how they are used, and you cannot spread an idea at the point of a gun. It has to be done peacefully. The only way the state can maintain power and sanction is through fear and division, and every time there is violence amongst the slaves, it uses this to spread the myth that it must intercede with more violence.

    Remember the kid who stood up to the tank in Tiananmen Square. Remember how Ghandi got the largest empire the world had ever seen up to that point to leave the subcontinent. Remember how Jesus Christ changed human history. Non-violent civil disobedience. Living what's right is where our greatest power as human beings comes from. Killing and violence are what we do when we feel desperate and powerless. This is why all states escalate the violence against their people when their rule of power comes to an end. They are desperate and know they are only a singular idea away from being powerless. The longer they can distract us from the power of the idea and fascinate us with the power of the gun, the longer they can cling to what's left.

    Let us not go down that road. Let us instead realize our greatest power as humans by simply removing the moral sanction we grant the state.

  15. http://newsminer.com/bookmark/16691974-Judge-unseals-document-justifying-Anderson-s-detention-in-Fairbanks-militia-case

  16. We've heard about it in Oregon. Watching.

  17. There are 3 or 4 things you can do to prevent this from happening.
    1. Never ever have your name associated with where you live.
    2. Never ever have anything delivered to your home. Have it delivered to a friend or a ghost address.
    3. Have a different address on your driver's license, your bank accounts - a ghost address is preferred.
    4. When asked for ID, show only your Passport. No personal information is on this document. The only time you show you DL is when YOU are stopped by a traffic cop and you are the driver.
    5. Use a throw away cell for talking, it is not associated with you or your home. Have it turned off and the battery taken out to insure privacy and use a pager to alert you people who want to call you.
    I practiced this when I lived in the lower 48 and it is not difficult, just takes some time to get use to it. I practice now that I live in Thailand - for the past 6 years.

    For more information and to download a free copy of the book, go to http://www.canaryislandspress.com/

  18. Do you know who these agents are? Very public shunning is necessary here. I'm not talking about stringing them up from lampposts (yet). But don't sell them gas, don't sell them insurance, when they come into the restaurants and stores that people own, they don't get service. There are made painfully aware they aren't welcome.

    That's the first step.

  19. I think all but 2 agents are from out of state. It would be nice if the general public refused to do any business with these people.

  20. Hello Joshua,

    It appears that the FBI has a failure in their policy/procedure for picking up a witness. Showing up in force is not a violation of your rights, and does demonstrate their fear of you, Mr. Anderson, and everyone everywhere. Where they failed is in appropriately showing their authority to enter your home when there was no crisis of time or the person named in the warrant had no possibility of flight. They did not "know" Mr. Anderson was present until they confirmed it with you and then saw him, they only "suspected" that he was present and convinced a Judge that their suspicion was backed with some information (wiretaps, observation). The way that you handled it was as optimal as you could come up with, and our second-guessing you is just speculation.

    As you mentioned, the worst outcome the Fed's are capable of bringing include mass-murder and arson, which will not be stopped by mere talk or some documents once the squad surrounds your home. That is the time for compliance, followed by whatever legal and political weapons you can bring to bear against an Agency that behaves so poorly in the presence of Citizens.

    If I might speculate, you could have identified yourself as the homeowner & demanded a Warrant to enter the house and pulled the door locked behind you as you stepped outside. They might have pulled you aside and broken down the door, scaring your family more. You would likely have been arrested, and your family may have tried to help you and not "complied" quickly enough during the break-in. You might have lost your family and had a better case against the Agents/Agency. Again, you made the right set of choices, imho.

    Shunning won't work against Federal Agents, until it's not just against a few. When a Fed can't buy a meal or a gallon of gas, and are just not welcome, they will still come with orders and supplies of their own. Eventually, they will "buy" from you at gunpoint and with Federal paper. That's how it always ends.

    John Anon
    Portland Gold Field Supply

  21. There needs to be a forum style website that unites patriots from all over the country. The idea is, you become a member of the website & you are segregated into local regions. This will give us the chance to meet other patriots in our community & set up a support network for protection from tyrannical actions just like this one.

    For instance, if you live in Springfield Missouri, this website gives you the opportunity to meet up with other members in your area. So whenever the EPA, FDA, DHS, FBI etc. shows up bullying some farmer, business owner or individual, the community can band together & stand them down, preferably in a peaceful manner. For something like this to work, however, people will need the support & backing of their local Sheriff's.

    My advice for now is, if your thinking of moving, contact Pastor Chuck Baldwin in Flathead Montana & move there. There is a growing community of Christian Patriots who are relocating there & there's a much better chance of having your neighbors stand for you or with you should one of the many alphabet agency jackboots come looking for another victim.

    This is Chuck Baldwins contact info:

    I hope all works out well for your friend & his family.
    God bless

  22. There is also a great community in New Hampshire:

    And a Forum of voluntaryists at:

  23. NOTICE TO ALL: This blog is being monitored by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and all the other Law Enforcement Agencies. E-Mails are being traced. YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE!

    Mr. Bennett,
    You are lucky you are alive. Usually, the Gestapo eliminates all resisters like you to "make a point."
    That they let you live says much.

    To all,
    There is no law, only might and the willingness to
    use it ruthlessly and indiscriminately.
    FYI, The constitution died a generation ago. Not coming back.

    Doug in Newark,
    Strong words, shoot back at the regime. Did you consider that once you pull a weapon on a thug (LEO),
    you are as good as dead? The ethos of the Law Enforcement types is the same as the Mafia's, kill all resistors. Maybe not today, not
    tomorrow, but eventually. The only way to win
    a war against the regime using weapons is to have
    more and better weapons, more and better troops, than they do. Since they have 25MT thermonuclear bombs, and a hair trigger, I don't think you'll win that one.....

    Best option, leave this country NOW!

  24. The Founding Fathers had it much easier setting up the resistance to the English crown. Compared to today, sending secure messages was a snap. The balance of weaponry could be made equal shortly after a successful raid on an army camp. The ability to covertly assemble and plot was 1000s of times more simple and reliable.

    Today, the Empire has spies everywhere. No way we will ever get a balance of weaponry, unless we align with another nuclear power. With all the surveillance cameras, there is no way a Patriot can so much as step out of his house without the Empire tracking his every move.
    We are well and truly scr#$@d

    I agree with the above, better to retreat to a more defensible position to fight another day. Valley Forge II, here we come....

  25. It seems that all of you have missed the larger point of the recent events nation-wide. The GOV has succeeded in making everyone fearful of talking to or having 'friends' since every one of these cases seems to involve a quisling stooge for the feds. 'paid informant', ' un-indicted felon', 'co-operating suspect' pick your favorite label. It has reached the point where "free speech" is now a right that is best not exercised! And so they have succeeded in making us all islands alone in the ocean.

  26. I for one won't stop talking. David and I don't pull any punches on our radio show. You are correct in saying it has become more dangerous to do so.
    "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson
    Our government is to be feared, to a point. But Liberty is yours alone to defend. You decide on how much you are willing to not be free. I choose to open my mouth.

  27. We will never win an open battle. But if follow Solzenitzen's advice, I'm sure we can do much better than the Iraqis have done. And every one of their mighty weapons will point the other direction.

    Cop: Are you armed?

    Me: Well, if I need a pistol, there's one hanging right there on your belt.

  28. AP NEWS;

    Ohio Family of 6 refuses to abide by search warrant, Husband, Wife shot, one child injured after fall down stairs. Two attack dogs killed after Federal Agent attacked in hallway, Agent treated for injuries.


    Federal Agents execute warrant-less search, Husband demands to see search warrant after family home surrounded by armed men with no Identification who kicked in family front door killing husband and wounding wife with M16's. The husband and wife were trying to determine the armed mens' identities, and were armed with a .38 caliber gun, the wife was armed with a pellet gun she retrieved from the family safe.

    An 8 year old girl was pushed down the basement flight of stairs after an "unnamed Witness" was not brought into the living room fast enough for the agents.

    The families two dogs an 8 pound Shitzu and a 5 pound poodle were shot in front of the children after determining the animals were "attack class".

    The Media.........don't ya just love 'em?

  29. Can you post the story with the actual reference?I would like to verify it, not that I doubt it.
    Thanks for posting!

  30. It is not too difficult to build a database of all your local gestapo since they like to see their names in the local paper whenever an arrest is published. The same applies to the State Police and often times the Federal PoPo who love to be quoted in the local "Daily Rag". Using www.zabasearch.com or the local property-tax database will give you the home address of these asswipes. It does pay to do the research for what might never be needed but it will be there when it comes time to do a pre-emptive first strike should the need ever arise. This also includes the names of the Federale's kids who might be mentioned in the local news media for activities at their school. There are no free rides for when the $hit hits the fan. Face it, WAR IS WAR and if they want to declare it on US, than what is to stop us from declaring it on THEM and doing a pre-emptive first strike.

  31. I appreciate peoples comments and understand folks frustrations, but to the last anonymous comment here, you really need to consider this. The post you made is exactly a second and 3rd order effect to why my home was raided.
    What you advocate is stupidity, and I reject it. This is not the way. We cannot become what they are. I will not terrorize anyone's children. Ever. I will not violate another person rights, ever. Murder is murder whoever commits it. Yours is not the comments of someone who loves Liberty.
    Please read this story, about the Fairbanks 241 case.
    Look this site up and start at the beginning of the story. I am not (because I don't know) saying they are guilty by any means whatsoever, but you are a fool to talk or think this way!
    I will go as far as to say you may actually be one of them!

  32. And when I say "one of them", I do mean DOJ. I know you read these blogs. But I tell you the truth, I abhor injustice, whoever commits it. I do not and will not advocate the murder of government officials. I do not and will not advocate the murder of American citizens. You don't temp myself or any Liberty loving person.

  33. I wonder if those FBI agents might get sent to Eric Holders door as he's a Material Witness to "Operation Fast and Furious"... So, if this is how they handle witnesses... But then, that would require the DOJ actually follow the mantra of "Equal Justice" and "Equal Treatment" under the law. Since Holder runs DOJ...

    I can't say I agree with everything you guys talk about, but on this issue I'm with you. It certainly is getting creepier every year.

  34. Thanks for the comment Sudsy. Interesting times indeed. Right is wrong and wrong is said to be right.

  35. Consider: The most critical information "they" don't want you to have is the names of the individuals obeying these orders who self-righteously consider themselves the "thin blue/black line". They all cop to the Nuremberg defense.
    Names Published = Power

  36. Anyone advocating initiating violence is either misguided or on the other side. Even defensive violence, though potentially justifiable, is not wise, is not helpful, is generally counter-productive.

    People embrace slavery out of fear. Don't give opportunity for Them to make us look scary.

    Very tangentially, how much of the Bible is exhorting us not to fear? And yet we do it anyway. This made us so much easier to tyrannize after 9/11. This is what all of the Repub candidates do at every debate (except Ron Paul). How can we Christians truly be a light unto the world if we are filled with fear? End of tangent.

    As to Solzenitzen's advice, that is tricky. It could conceivably apply to a situation where a government is widely recognized as illegitimate and tyrannical but holding on via open violence. We aren't there. We have the government the majority of the people want, because they want to be terrified and slaves. The whole point (in my opinion) of the Ron Paul campaign is to awaken the desire for liberty and PUSH DOWN FEAR, so that we don't get to the point where Solzenitzen's advice might pertain.

    D.C. will destroy itself by destroying the currency or openly defaulting on its innumerable obligations. The key is to have peaceful influence when that happens so that people see an alternative to creating something worse, which is usually what happens.

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Anon 1:15am: Nut up or shut up. You do not seem to 'get it'.

    Ron Paul aside, TPTB will not sit and 'reason' with anyone. They have a monopoly on violence as it stands because of the apparent indoctrination of "Never EVER EVER resist government force even if it is unlawful and illegal."

    Fact: What stops a thug from killing you and raping your wife or daughters? The perception that the cost is too high because you will resist with lethal force. TPTB do not have that perception from the citizens they govern. The latest legislation poised for signature demonstrates that fact.

    When the president signs the NDAA act today or tomorrow and then the UN Treaty on Small Arms is ratified, we'll be past "being there".

    Sounds as if you want to 'bow down and lick the hand that feeds you.'

  39. Doc Enigma,

    I do "get it." During the siege at Waco I was down IN Waco protesting with the North Texas Arms Rights Coalition -- my buddies. After Waco I was in the woods running around with the Texas Constitutional Militia. On the anniversary of Waco I was at Mt Carmel at a memorial for those poor wackos when the OKC bombing happened. The militia movement dissolved instantly in Texas because nobody wanted to be associated in any way with blowing people up -- rightly so.

    Since then I've studied a lot and wised up a lot.

    So long as the population at large wants this sort of government it will get this sort of government. The battle is a long term battle to convert the populations understanding of what is right, what is freedom. This battle isn't won by shooting Federal goons. It is hampered.

    I never implied that D.C. will reason with anyone. They have monopoly power to kill and pillage and they aren't going to give that up willingly. BUT, there are plenty of ways to resist that don't involve violence. If you want to resist someone breaking into your house by shooting back, that is your natural right -- but pragmatically you'll all wind up dead and propaganda for THEM. On one of these threads someone was tossing around the idea of targeting the thugs' families. Not acceptable.

    I read John Ross's Unintended Consequences. It is satisfying to imagine that sort of thing in a dark way, but it isn't how things work.

    Ideas are the ultimate rebellion. And they require a stronger courage. I don't fear those who can kill my body, but those who can kill my soul.

    You present a false choice between licking their hands and shooting them. The base of their power is the legitimacy the larger population grants them. This is their weakness. Attack them in their weakness, not in their strength. It also has the advantage of making it possible that something better comes next, not something worse.

  40. The TCM had at least one undercover FBI agent, and an unknown number of Confidential Informants. Somebody claiming to be from TCM threatened a sympathetic mayor of a nearby town who was good friends with a strong supporter of the TCM) and he instantly became unsympathetic and worked against us, spreading bad press in the local newspaper, etc. The threat may have been from one of the CIs, we'll never know, and we'll never be able to prove since we don't get unlimited wire tapping and call tracing privileges.

    Threats of violence are simply not correct, nor are they useful.

  41. Doc, the reason they have the monopoly on the use of force is because we have given it legitimacy in thinking we need them. Even a "small" government is given the concession of the people to be the monopoly of force, which is ALWAYS used against citizens to force submission to the state. As for "nut up or shut up" , hear hear, you go first.

  42. Very interesting site and people you have on it.
    I like it.
    ONE OF THE POSTING as follows.
    I would like to hear from this person

    Anonymous said

    It is not too difficult to build a database of all your local gestapo since they like to see their names in the local paper whenever an arrest is published. The same applies to the State Police and often times the Federal PoPo who love to be quoted in the local "Daily Rag". Using www.zabasearch.com or the local property-tax database will give you the home address of these asswipes. It does pay to do the research for what might never be needed but it will be there when it comes time to do a pre-emptive first strike should the need ever arise. This also includes the names of the Federale's kids who might be mentioned in the local news media for activities at their school. There are no free rides for when the $hit hits the fan. Face it, WAR IS WAR and if they want to declare it on US, than what is to stop us from declaring it on THEM and doing a pre-emptive first strike.

  43. I am sure you would like to hear from him. We here do not advocate or support those comments. You know that.
    But that person, like you, chose to be anonymous, and our "bravest" comments come from, again, folks like you.

  44. If I had children in my home I would have made the same decicion. But leaving the country. I don;t know........ Perhaps send my children away to safety. But this tyranny is a cancer. It is spreading over the globe. I feel if americans do not take a stand here on the homefront and choose to flee instead then that place of safety and refuge will only be so for a short time before tyranny comes to that door as well. Are we outgunned and outmanned? yes. Are we afraid? yes. But I have accepted the fact that my life is forfeit. If every home they came to fought back. if we bloodied their nose every time they came unlawfully to terrorize, then our neighbors will see. and more will raly to the cause. and eventually resistance will be met at every home. They don't have that many I assure you. I do not know all the answers. It is amazing to me that this country has come to this. Every day i prepare, plan, practice. Instead of being able to enjoy the fruits of my labors with vacations and new toys, I sink every spare penny into storable foods and a undred other supplies I think I may need. I am ridiculed by others for being "one of those people" But I know in my heart and soul that the storm is coming and I will not be a victim of blissful ignorance. When I comes I will fight with every part of my being to uphold freedom, Liberty and justice. And yes I may die. Thankfully my kids are grown and I have the luctury of only having to protect myself and my home. But I will do what I can to allow them to know freedom as I did. To leave them a country of oportunity rather than oppressive control. And though I may fall before the republic is restore I go to my maker knowing that I stood against evil and resisted the easy path of compliance. That I stood despite my fears and gave my life in defence of all that I know is good and just. And my children will know that I died for a belief millions have fallen before me to give me

  45. This blog is rot. Anyone can make up a story like this. No dates, no times, no facts.

  46. Yeah, except if you go to the actual blog you get to see the newspaper article about it.
    You are right though, anyone can make stuff up.
    I don't.

  47. It says right at the top of the blog Tuesday december 6th 2011. That was the day. As far as factual, I was there, and you are who? Hahah.

  48. Lots of good comments, but I have to stand with Anonymous, where are the people willing to stand and be ready to take that shoot.
    Yes, it will change your life forever, but it will also bring this country back to the people.
    Have you counted the cost and are you ready to stand ?