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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“Christians” Approve of Gate-Rape Just as They Did of Genocide

“Some church archivists made special efforts to help track down members of alien races,” says Guenter Lewy in The Nazi Persecution of the Gypsies [Oxford University Press 2000], “…Archivist Karl Themel  of the Evangelical Church in Berlin mobilized 150 helpers” – alas, the author does not list the names of these National Socialist “Christians” so that they may live in infamy – “and created an alphabetized index for  all baptisms in Berlin between 1800 and 1874. Every member of the national community …, Themel wrote, now ‘has the duty to become aware of his blood-link to the German people and to prove this link.’ Part of the cost of this large undertaking was paid by the Evangelical Church synod of Berlin. Within this larger index, Themel constructed a special section, a “baptism index for those of alien blood,’ which listed ‘Jews, Gypsies, and Negroes.’ Copies of all entries in this special index, Themel insisted, had to be sent to the Reich Office for Genealogical Research, the agency authorized to certify that someone belonged to the Aryan race. … As late as 1942, when the Gypsies’ situation had worsened considerably, … a Catholic priest supplied the [German police] with information from parish files.”

What blasphemy, you’re thinking. How could any true Christian betray the name of Christ so egregiously, let alone whole churches and synods' assisting the State in such evil?

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Here is the Amerikan 2014 update of that tragic apostasy: Anderson University, a “Christian” school in Indiana, has actively and enthusiastically recruited John “The Pervert” Pistole, Large Bowel at the TSA, to become its president – and this when both The Pervert and Anderson admit he has zilch academic credentials. I guess all the other serial rapists Anderson considered were too busy serving time to respond to the offer.

You’ll recall that The Perv ramped up the TSA’s sexual assault from something reserved for buxom women its gate-rapists lusted to grope to Standard Operating Procedure: at Pistole’s insistence, his minions sexually molested every passenger, even little kids. Yes, that’s a crime we call “pedophilia” and punish with major jail-time when deviants who aren’t wearing the TSA’s brownshirts-sorry, blue shirts do it.

Pistole also greased the skids for the TSA’s porno-scanners, not only forcing passengers to pose for the TSA’s peep-show but wasting millions of our tax-dollars on gizmos that now sit in a warehouse. Meanwhile, the guy lied, lied, and lied some more, claiming that the porno-scanners produced only a “chalk outline” of victims rather than a graphic picture of their naked bodies.

No regime anywhere, no matter how brutal or totalitarian, has ever instituted wholesale sexual assault against its “free,” i.e., non-incarcerated, citizens; not even the Nazis sank that low. Yet Pervert Pistole made that the USSA’s official policy. Now he reaps a reward for such evil—and from a “Christian” university, no less.

Germany’s “Christians” have nothing on Amerika’s.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wear it proudly!

A friend of mine designed these, we are going to have stickers made and wear them proud on Election Day.