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Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

But what about investors? Do they invest to lose?

Gary North has a fine piece on "Gold Procrastinators" on LewRockwell.com today. Here's an excerpt:
But what about investors? Do they invest to lose? I think a lot of them do.

Yes, they want to make money. But they want to make it conventionally. They want to make it as upstanding defenders of the American dream.

On March 23, 2000, the Standard & Poor's 500 index peaked at 1527. Today, it is around 1320. But the dollar has depreciated by over 30%. Anyone who took the standard advice to buy and hold a no-load index mutual fund of the S&P 500 has lost 12 years and 40% of his investment. He still believes the story. He will believe the story until an hour before he reaches room temperature.


Most Americans would rather lose all of their wealth than call into question the American dream, as promised by Keynesians, Federal Reserve economists, and Civil Service-protected federal bureaucrats.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made in China

There is a good post and interesting discussion on the Arctic Patriot blog about free trade.

Jump over there and join the discussion on free trade and the market.

Especially you Anarcho-capitalists!!

If only there were a few thousand more like him...

Here is a good article on Tim Thomas. I have no idea if he is a Libertarian or not and don't really care.
The fact of the matter is he has guts and stands for what he believes in, and I wish there were more like him in the "public" arena.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The State (Dubstep) and Notes on Intellectual (non)Property

What happens when you merge Murray Rothbard's "For A New Liberty" audiobook (read by Jeff Riggenbach) with some dubstep wobble bass? Inherent anti-establishment nirvana. Also, SKisM's ultra-sick remix (which could use a bit more Rothbard in my opinion).

In response to some of the feedback I've gotten regarding intellectual property, as I posted a few months ago, IP requires force against peaceful non-signatory parties in order to be upheld, just like Social Contract. This puts it in direct opposition to the Non-Aggression Principle. I recommend reading Stephan Kinsella's excellent book: Against Intellectual Property for an in depth analysis. Or, watch his lectures below:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Copying Is Not Theft

Because it is not a reallocation of scarce goods, but rather the mitigation of scarcity without depriving the original owner of their use/utility.

Of course, some think otherwise :-)
(follow the link): http://youtu.be/qPEeaxI0OPU

Also, here's a little irony (how the movie industry treats its customers) ... Click for full size image:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How do SOPA and PIPA work?

To head off certain caller's defense of these terrible pieces of legislation, here's a video by Salman Kahn (the founder of the Kahn Academy) where he explains some of the so-called unintended consequences of these bills.

Hey Tim LaHaye, you watchin this?

Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, I surely will be looking for you to recant your endorsement of the Newt by the end of the week.
But you won't.
Newt's ex-wife speaking out.

They have decided to not air the interview until after the S.Carolina primary vote. Newt, nice knowing ya.

The enemy within

I want you to watch this piece of trash and see the glee in his eyes and the happiness he gets from sending our sons and daughters to die. To die. He WANTS war. He doesn't even care with whom, he just wants war. This man is sick in the head. He is a psychopath.
Who in their right mind, seriously, wants war to occur? Obviously someone who has never and will never actually go and fight themselves. Watch this video a couple times and watch Bill Kristol get all giddy about fighting another war! We have got to get some sanity back in this country and quit listening to these psychotic people.

Would you say he actually approves of Obama now? "We got the drones, we got the detentions" yeah yeah!!!
You have the NDAA now, too, Bill!!! Woohoo!! I bet you peed your pants when your buddy McCain got that one passed!

In this clip he says Ron Paul, and basically anyone who isn't a murderous NeoCon should leave the republican party. He has a good point!! Bill, I took your advice on that a LONG time ago. Leave the Republican party and stop giving them your support and consent as long as putrid "men" like Bill Kristol are the spokesmen for them.

They should leave the Republican party.

Bill, there is nothing keeping you from going to the middle east and killing as many people as you can. You have the money, you have the connections, get off your chickenhawk butt and go over there and fight! But you won't. Who would be left to write stupid neocon articles, and give Prez. Obama advice if we lost Kristol?
I personally think neocons like Bill Kristol are more of a threat to our Liberties here at home than anyone in the middle east. Absolutely they are.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Neocon hypocrite lying "Religious leader"

While I don't wish to be a Ron Paul apologist (he doesn't need me to be), I am more than willing to call out Pharisee Neocon warmongering lying hypocrites like Gary Bauer.
Gary, who used to be the head of the Family Research Counsel, now serves on the Executive Board of Christians United for Israel, a neocon lobby group headed by John Hagee. Read about them here.
Bauer, who supposedly espouses pro-life and family values, also believes that America should advance and protect freedom worldwide and "bring the message of freedom to the Arab world," which of course means, kill Arabs. I love how the message of American freedom is, " Hello, I am America, I am here to free you, now watch me free your children by killing them"!
Gary, of course, never went to war himself, ( like John Hagee or Tim LaHaye) and I doubt he has any sons he is sending off to war, but he sure is more than eager to send your and my sons off to die.
Which is what makes this commercial he put out so much more interesting. He claims Ron Paul is "hostile" towards our military, but forgets to say Ron Paul volunteered and served 5 years as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force. But let's not be bothered with facts, they always get in the way of one's propaganda.

 So Gary, you volunteered for Goldwater? Paul volunteered for the military. So you worked on Reagan's campaign? Paul was one of only 4 congressmen who endorsed Reagan.
Paul is hostile to the military? Then why do active duty soldiers donate to Paul's campaign more than twice as much as the other presidential hopefuls combined?
Paul is conspiratorial and blames the U.S. for 9-11? Because he says we shouldn't be over there meddling in their affairs? You spew that we were attacked because they "hate our freedom" and that is the biggest lie that's been put on the American people since we were told Iraq was an immediate threat to our National Security.
Go get a life you lying, warmongering, pathetic, thug. Israel's own Mossad chief, (the current one and the previous one) both said that Iran wasn't an existential threat to Israel, and that attacking them would be stupid. I suppose you are smarter than some dumb Israeli Mossad chief, though. I suppose you are smarter than our Founding Fathers who told us NOT to get entangled with foreign alliances and to MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS.
 Tom Woods responds to Gary Bauer

And I am sure, whenever you think of a war with Iran, or killing people, you make your decision by asking yourself, "What would Jesus do"?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pastor *PUKE* Tim LaHaye endorses Newt Gangsterich

Evangelical pastor Tim LaHaye has endorsed Newt Gingrich for president, claiming that The Newt is the "most qualified to restore America back to its constitutional principles."
OK, Tim, that is maybe the most unqualified thing you have said in recent history.
"Pastor" LaHaye, before I get into the Constitutional part of this, how about the fact you are endorsing a man who has left 2 wives for younger women (Titus 1:5c-7- 1Timothy 3:2-1Timothy 3:12?) How about the fact that he has been caught publicly lying (Ex 18:21; Pr 16:10; 17:7; 20:28; 29:12, 14; Is 16:5; Zc 8:16)? Does that meet the "biblical" qualification for a leader? Isn't the bible your FIRST and FOREMOST guide as a Pastor in endorsing a leader?
How about his dealings with fanny mae/freddie mac? (Ex 18:21; Dt 16:19; 27:25; 2 Ch 19:7; Pr 19:6; 17:23; Jer 22:17;
Or how about the fact that The Grinch is for never-ending wars and indiscriminate killing? And you know he is. How does that fit into your "Biblical worldview"?
Find me the verse where Jesus tells us to make disciples of all men, and if they disagree, kill them.
Gingrich told John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church that America may soon become “a secular country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists,” Gingrich argued that atheists and Islamists are both waging war against Western civilization by trying to “drive God out of our lives” and “make America safe for Islam and militant religion.” He went on to call for the restoration of the “Church Militant” so civilization can “survive.”

Now, bringing us back to a "constitutional foundation"? Newt is not only a strong proponent of the Patriot Act, he wants to see it broadened to give the Executive more power.
He does not believe in the separation of powers that the Founders considered key in checking a tyrant Executive. 
He is essentially for scrapping the 4th,5th,6th,8th,9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights. What Constitutional Foundation would he bring us back to?

I am already tired of this post.

Tim, as a "Christian Pastor," I would say you are a liar, a neocon warmonger and a fraud. Hypocrite! Are you willing to send your sons to die for another stupid war? Have you served? What made you do this? Surely not the fact you were given a position in Newt's "Faith Leaders Coalition"?
Christians, quit listening to these stupid Pastors who have NO CLUE what your Rights as a human are, quit letting them Rule you with fear mongering, with boogie man tactics. Read your bible for yourselves!! Quit being the sheep that you are, and start mocking these supposed "Spiritual leaders" for what they are, Pharisees, wolves in sheep's clothing.
2 Timothy 4:3,4  the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth , and be turned aside to fables.

2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

If you claim to believe it, start living it, and quit being sheeply little hypocrites empowering others to rule over your lives.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's All Been Done Before

From The Dollar Vigilante

By Jeff Berwick

One of the downsides of having government education camps (the school system) "educate" most of us slaves is that most of us have no clue what occured prior to our own lifetimes. And what we think we know is incorrect or never happened.

Everything that is currently going on in the US... government "stimulus", massive deficits, pending bankruptcy and the use of the crisis to institute more government controls and blame the "free market" has already happened twice in the last century in the US. The following cartoon with the outline of the grand plan was printed in the Chicago Tribune in 1934, just after the first bankruptcy of the US Government in 1933.

Sound like a familiar plan?

The US Government, after installing the communist-fashioned Federal Reserve system in 1913, and the subsequent war it enabled, World War I, just a few months later, had already bankrupted itself by 1933. That was when the US Government had to confiscate gold and then devalue the US dollar in order to survive. That was US bankruptcy #1.

Read the rest over at The Dollar Vigilante Blog

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Circular Arguments and The State

Here are some fun ones all of us who advocate for a peaceful voluntary society have run into as "justifications for systematic theft, expropriation, imprisonment, and murder" (i.e. justifications for the state).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"They have this idea that people should be left alone ... That's not how Conservatives view the world."

Rick Santorum; Randy and Lisa's new best friend. Enjoy!

Dec 31 Show + Call of the Week!

Randy calls in to let us know that the status quo system of police, courts, and prisons is a utopia with no room for improvement. I am calling this the Status Quo Theory of Justice (SQTOJ) tho I considered calling it the Status Quo Theory of Utopia.

Randy expresses fears that if we didn't have a system of justice paid for through the initiation of coercive force against us (i.e. government justice) and instead voluntarily pay for as much or as little protective services as we feel we need (as most businesses do) things such as suspension of due process and imprisonment without trial might ensue. Josh then observes that this happens now under the state system of justice that is crammed down our throats.

For an insightful look into how a voluntary society might structure courts, police, and defense, check out Linda and Morris Tannehill's book "The Market for Liberty" (links below).

Market for Liberty PDF: http://mises.org/books/marketforliberty.pdf

Market for Liberty Audio Book: http://freekeene.com/2007/12/26/free-audiobook-the-market-for-liberty/

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

This man is a fool.

And a traitor. If you have been keeping up with this blog, you will notice his use of the term "Law of War" and you know what that term actually means. You will also hear him speak of the "Quirin Precedent", just like we pointed out in a previous blog, and you know he is a lying snake. You also see him declare the American homeland the battlefield. It certainly is.

If you didn't puke all your lunch up after watching that one, this should finish it off. Take note at minute 3.

And one more.
In this one you get to hear these traitors say they actually don't think the bill goes far enough. So you can guarantee yourself that this is just the beginning.

You folks in S. Carolina, what is going on there? Can't you kick this guy out and at least vote in a dog or a rat or a snake or anything else that's not so repugnant? 

Not to beat a dead horse, because the horse is alive and well

Another good article on the NDAA, or as a few of us are calling it the NDA, National Detention Act.

See the article here.

 A few of us can attest to the validity of the scenario in that article. We have seen it played out first hand in the 241 case here in Fairbanks. Lucky for them the NDA hadn't been passed yet.

Another good one from LRC here.

In that article I looked up one of the references, and it was from 2004. So we can't act like this is an Obama thing only, not to mention Sen. Graham and McCain's insanely viral support of it.
Here is part of that article:
"If a little old lady in Switzerland gave money to a charity for an Afghan orphanage, and the money was passed to al Qaeda, could she be held as an enemy combatant?" the judge asked.
Boyle indicated that might fit within the definition of enemy combatant and stressed the need to give the executive branch of government wide latitude during a time of war.

The whole article can be found here.

There are a lot of folks out there who refuse to believe this for what it is. I am sure you know many of your own friends and family that refuse to do so. Arm yourselves with knowledge about the NDAA so you can soundly defeat any argument they might come up with in their denial. Our Senator Murkowski had a really nice pie in the sky article that I am sure set many folks' minds at ease over the situation. But I think she has been soundly refuted since.
One of her arguments was that you won't be picked up at the grocery store if you are a law-abiding citizen. This totally misses the point. Several of our Rights have to do with being accused of being a criminal by a tyrannical government. We have pointed out here over and over how the government's main power to control us is to make everyone a criminal. And they are doing a great job at it.

You need to prepare yourself in whatever way you think you are being led.

Tax Man vs Taxidermist

For our listener/caller Al.

The only difference between
a tax man and a taxidermist is
that the taxidermist leaves the skin.

-Mark Twain

Monday, January 2, 2012

Call of the Week for December 24

Randy sets the standard again, chiming in to share his view that government should point guns at people and rob them in order to fund non-binding data collection on corporate discrimination. Thanks for the call, Randy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Quirin Precedent

I realized I never put this on the blog. It is called the ""Quirin Precedent".

A link to what it is can be found here: Quirin Precedent

This is extremely important because this precedent is what your representatives are spouting off as to why the passage of the NDAA is constitutional.

Key phrase: Law of War.

  DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR. – For purposes of this subsection, the disposition of a person under the law of war has the meaning given in section 1031(c), except that no transfer otherwise described in paragraph (4) of that section shall be made unless consistent with the requirements of section 1033. 9

Rules under the Law of War according to the Supreme Court in the Quirin Precedent were different than rules under the Articles of War. Why?
The Law of War is in effect when the country is under Martial Law.
Under the Law of War, the Constitution has no authority. The Congress is claiming and has even put in the legislation authority to the President under the Law of War.

So we connect the dots........ we are under Martial Law, and all power is held by the Executive under the Law of War.

Your representatives have put it in record.

H.R. 3166: Enemy Expatriation Act

Breathe a sigh of relief! They weren't telling us lies after all. The NDAA won't allow for indefinite detention of American citizens...no no no, you silly little Americans.

You will no longer be a Citizen!!!

H.R. 3166

Seems to me they are closing any loopholes they might have missed in the NDAA.

This bill is one to watch, and we will be.

Arctic Patriot has a good post on this with some information of the sponsors of this bill, folks that could use a little verbal wake-up call from us.
Sealing the Deal

It truly is, A Wonderful Life

To the many friends we have made this year.

If you haven't seen this movie in the last year or so, do yourself a favor.

It is my favorite movie of all time.

Public service announcement from your friends at Patriot's Lament

You might want to print this and study it for future references.

Good luck!!

I will try to find one with better resolution, the first one I got was good but someone said it had a virus.