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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


For some reason I have been watching the news on the supercommittee and all the bull coming from both sides. (I say "for some reason" because a friend of mine told me that every minute you spend on worthless things is a minute you don't spend on things that matter). And I can't think of anything more worthless than congress.
These idiots are not even willing to cut one fiat dollar from their spending. NOT ONE! The only solution they have is to steal more wealth from us. Where does this stop? Do we just sit by until they pillage every cent we produce? What choice do we have? If they decide to take every dime you make, what will stop them? I can hear the local preacher, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's"! "and unto god what is god's!" Yes! Bow to your god. If he claims a thousand cattle on the hill, he obviously owns them. Uh huh.
I love the biblical story where the pharisees ask the disciples,"Doesn't your master pay the temple tax?" They are quick to say, "YES!" Jesus, I am sure, rolled His eyes and told them, basically so they would not be liars, "Go and catch a fish and take a coin from its mouth and pay the tax!" But do we owe it?
If a bunch of crooks claim everything you own, do you owe it?
How patient we are, and foolish. We vote for a gang of fools, and expect great things to come from them, even though their track record tells us otherwise. So what will the supercommittee give us?
What will they take from us?
Well, that depends on you and me, doesn't it?
One of my sons asked me about the stamp tax today. He asked,"How much was it, and was this the tax that started the Revolution"?
I answered with the truth, and we talked about the tea tax, but I was not looking forward to the followup question,"That's all it was? How much do we pay now?"

Indeed, how much do we pay now.

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