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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well, John McCain and Lyndsay Graham are good conservatives, here to PROTECT YOU!!

HAHA, here we go again, the dead elephant party (credit to AP for that nametag) is out to protect us from, well, from everything you or they can possibly imagine. Senator Graham states that this law finally puts it on the books that the American homeland is the battlefield. Where has he been? A lot of us have known that for a long, long time.
Or does he think this is just a nifty flag?


This bill was drafted in part by Sen.John McCain, along with his good friend, Sen.Carl Levin. Good to see bipartisanship, that's what the American people want right?
I've looked through the actual bill last night, and while one part of the bill exempts "American Citizens," the secretary of defense can waive that if he deems it is a "national security interest";, we already know the President can kill you if he decides.
 Gingrich told us the other night that this war wasn't going to end in our lifetimes. I wonder if he included himself in that? The greatest part was the thunderous applause he got when he called for a more powerful, more reaching Patriot Act.
Goodbye Posse Comitatus, goodbye Habeas Corpus.

Goodbye America, whatever is left of you.

molṑn labé

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