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Monday, July 16, 2012

Food for thought

Been pretty quiet on the blog. Here's some food for thought from the philosopher-cartoonist over at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Thanks Josh L. for sending me these.


  1. Of course I have to disagree with the " there is no perfect ethical law". We know Christ wasn't talking about sex or ice cream or your favorite classical movie.
    "Do everything you say you will do, and don't egress on another man's(or woman's) person or property".
    What is not perfect about that?
    That is the basis for the "Golden Rule". If that isn't perfect, then screw it, let's just kill each other.
    If everything is relative, why don't I just take this gun and blow your head off?

  2. Prepare for infuriation my friend.



    There are also interesting Golden Rule questions about the defensive use of force. Mennonites take a very nice universal and consistent stance on that, but very few "objective truth" types are willing to do the same.

    Self-preservation seems to trump all.

    /sits back and grabs some popcorn

  3. Sorry, your popcorn has rancid butter.
    What do I care if Obama or any other says Obamacare is the "golden rule"? The golden rule is, do everything you have said you would, and don't egress on another's life or property.
    Obamacare regresses on my property, it forces me, with violence, to pay for someone else's care. That's not the golden rule. The good Samaritan proves that point.
    And someone says that gay marriage is an invocation of the golden rule? Well, if your premise is that the state is the benefactor and arbiter of marriage, maybe, then just maybe, you have a point. But your article points to religion, and what religion says the state is to ever be the 3rd party of a marriage? Again, force is used on me to accept a marriage, any marriage for that matter. What right does the state have to egress on me or my property and force me to accept a "marriage" of any type? Where I must give this benefit or that to a couple because they are "married". I have not agreed to any such contract. Do all you have agreed to do.
    And your articles use the good old "opinion poll". So majority rule is the golden rule? The Jews of Germany would disagree I think.
    Mennonites have a view that I may not egress against, otherwise I violate the "against me" rule. Their belief does not harm me, they do not force their belief on me. More power to them.
    Christ also showed we can defend ourselves. If you choose not to, well, that's fine if you don't defend yourself, but I would differ with those who choose not to defend their family, ie their children.
    /sits back, not bothered at all, and has a drink with his popcorn....

  4. I should have given you this book before I left.


    You could have written a great review... It's like a whole book of Sojourner's posts.

  5. I already read a book that tells me what God thinks about politics.
    1 Samuel 8:7

    English Standard Version (ESV)

    7 And the Lord said to Samuel, “Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them."