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Monday, July 30, 2012

Romney Declares Jerusalem to Be Israel's Capital

Yea and Amen, let it be so.
 This is a headline on Neo-newsmax.  Who the heck is Romney? Or who do they think he is? These are the same guys who were making fun of the left for acting like Obomber was the messiah.
These are the same guys who screamed like little girls when Obomber bowed to the Saudi King.
What the heck do they think Romney is doing in Israel?
All this time I thought Romney was a Mormon. Now I find out he is a Jew?  The guy is selling his soul, if he has one to sell, to be president.
""The U.S. presidential hopeful said in a speech in Jerusalem that America must stand with Israel. The Republican says both countries believe in democracy, the rule of law and opposition to Iran becoming a nuclear power."
They left out the part about murdering brown people. Both countries believe in that too.
"Romney says the United States must be "unapologetic ambassadors" to push to advance the values that the United States and Israel share. Romney says the United States will always stand with Israel, including its insistence that Jerusalem be the cornerstone of Israel."
Unapologetic Ambassadors to push to advance our values? What the heck does that mean? Push your values? Oh I remember, push your values means to get your war machine and KILL as many people as you can and tell the world you are advancing freedom and democracy! And don't apologize to the mothers of the little kids you killed. Er, freed. I am killing you to make you free. 
This guy makes me puke. Seriously. And everyone supporting him makes me puke. He is promising more wars!! He is promising to another country to always back whatever decision It makes. Sorry boys, but the Founding Fathers of this silly country would call that TREASON!
Oh, well, sorry to waste your time on a waste of time. I just find it amusing, and sick at the same time.


  1. Despots and tyrants have been steering people around through religion for millennia.

    The current wars didn't make sense on their own "merit," so politicians had to turn it into a 'Clash of Civilizations' and 'Holy Crusade' to keep the fervor.

    The fact that guys like Romney continue to pander doesn't scare me half as much as all of the ignorant fellow citizens we have who fly the Israeli flag from their cars and businesses or 'bless the troops' in their holy war.