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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Truth About Voting

For today's callers... Incidentally, this is the first Stefan Molyneaux video I ever watched. Thanks to Sam for sending it to me a couple years ago.

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  1. From Jeff Tucker's review of God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson:

    Government Growth

    Political power has a ratchet action; it works only one way, to augment itself. A transfer occurs by which the power cannot be retracted, once it is bestowed. In the lowest illustration of this, a candidate for office may promise the voters that he will reduce taxes, or the number of offices or the powers of office. But once he is elected, he can use the taxes, the officeholders or the powers to ensure re-election; therefore, the motive of the promise is no longer operative. By cutting down expenditure or the number of officeholders or graft, he will certainly create enemies, so the reverse motive, impelling him to evade his promise, is doubled. The voter can only vote the incumbent out; but the next officeholder will come into those augmented powers, and be still harder to get rid of in turn.


    Why vote, indeed. It is like eating cake to lose weight.

    Jim in Kenai