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Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been working insane hours lately so I haven't had much energy to post. I want to comment on the Cox trial, and we will post our show from last week soon if you want to hear what we think about it, but I want to make a quick comment on the supreme court decision today.
All the republicans are saying, "This is why we need to vote in a president and congress that will repeal Obomacare!"
What a freaking joke. Your candidate laid the blueprint for Obamacare. Hahaha.
I want to come back to this after some needed rest, but please, people, are you really all that amazed that the court  upheld it? You think these "justices" got their job because a president was out walking the streets and said, "Hey, are you a competent constitutionalist?" No, these judges are bought and paid for, and serve at the whim of their masters.
Can you finally say that the constitution has no power to keep the state from doing whatever they want? Like 1760's parliament, we have the right to pass whatever law we wish against you?
Keep on voting, maybe that will work. HAHAHA!!!

Withdraw consent, people. Show your power!
Refuse to be a part of their system.
"Come out of her"!
I am looking forward to statists trying to justify this one.

Look up Marbury vs. Madison.

It's been over for 200 years. I happen to think it was over with the 11th amendment but what do I know? (Chisholm vs. Georgia was truth and definitive, an absolutely awesome finding of what the Revolution was all about, the true nature of the Sovereign Individual).
Actually it was over when the Constitution was "unanimously" (insert laughter) voted for.

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