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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let your vote always be, "NOT GUILTY"!

New Hampshire actually did something almost completely right. Jury Nullification.
Now people, make a real change and NULLIFY the State.
This is excellent. I hope the folks of New Hampshire jump on their newly found, but always their Right to do, shut down the State.
Good to see most of the comments are positive towards it too.
A reminder, this "law" isn't giving anything to the Jury that they didn't already have, maybe it will just help to wake a few jurors up.
Pay close attention to the one dissenting vote, some commie statist who thinks that the state and its law is god, and of course it is, she is the one who makes "law". "Makes law". Hah. If a man can make law, it's no law you should follow.

New Hampshire Nullification

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