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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The four signs of a collapsing state

From Jeff Tuckers Laissez Faire Club:

Control of education allows the political class to inculcate a sense of civic obligation and duty, set the parameters of approved thought, and keep revolutionary ideas from entering into the culture. If you can get the kids at a young age and train them, all the better. This is why every state the world over has worked to secure its control over education. The goal is not to make everyone smart but rather to make everyone obedient.
Control of communication reinforces this tendency to properly filter the ideas that people hold. This is why censorship is one of the first and long-lasting functions of government. It is not to protect you and me against hearing or seeing things that would corrupt our hearts and souls. The idea is to maintain a firm grip over what people believe about the political system and to keep outlying ideas underground and at the margins of society.
Money comes next. Historically, this is one of the earliest institutions that the state seeks to monopolize. Only in the 20th century has the excuse been to keep unemployment down or keep the banking and financial systems stable. The real reason is, as Hoppe explains, to provide a funding source for government that doesn’t require taxation. Taxes make people mad. Devaluation and inflation flies under cover of night.
Finally, there is the need to monopolize the provision of security, which means controlling courts, police, and justice. The idea here is to be able to tell the population that the government is keeping everyone safe. If government is not there, terrible things will happen: monsters will take over.

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Thanks to Jim for sending this to me!!


  1. I think it is every patriots duty to learn about crypto-currency right now. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. Those with programming skills would do well to invent their own versions.

  2. http://lfb.org/today/amazing-gizmos-but-depleted-capital/

    What people insist on not seeing is that a State exacerbates the weaknesses of the people by transferring the costs of those weaknesses. Imagine if each time I did wrong all of the feedback for doing wrong were transferred onto the population at large in a way not directly traceable to me, even by me. That is the primary thing the State has to sell. First to banks, then to businesses at large, then to the general population.

    The state is literally an engine of social destruction.

    Jim in Kenai

  3. These liberal are a plague of ignorance, apathy and ancient evils.