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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More on gay marraige, and the State

So - Separation of State & Marriage. Sounds good to me.

This is from the comment section of the last post. And I agree, mostly. But more to the point, all separation from the State, and ultimately the end of the State, is much more desirable.
When the conservatives brought the State into being an arbiter of marriage, they got what they asked for. You would think that they would see the fallacy of their desire, and cut the tie from the State and marriage.
But no. And why would they? When you get a State marriage license, you get benefits from the federal government!! And from State governments!! Who doesn't want that?
But at what cost?
They have now given the State the Authority to decide what the definition of marriage can be. Just for some measly tax benefits. Instead of trying to get tax benefits from the loving State, they should have fought taxes in the first place.
But no, let our god be the State, our well being, and the well being of our children, are it's #1 priority. Even better, let the State take care of our children, so we can use our time in a more productive way.
As far as deciding what marriage ought to be, haven't we seen yet that the State is a non-existent entity?
You will never drive down the street and say to your child, "look!!! there is the State"!!
The "State" is merely other human beings, who people have chosen to rule over them, and grant them the power by consent to decide for them that which is proper or not. People no different than themselves.
And yet, when these people make decisions they don't like, they howl and cry foul!!!!
If you are going to be upset at the decisions the State may make, then why did you bend your knee to let them make any decision for you at all?
 At what point did you not know that which is right, and that which is wrong? At what point did you need someone to tell you?
The State will of course want to sanctify gay marriage, it will give it more power. And if you look at it from the State's point of view, how can it deny gay marriage? Why would it?

Whether or not the State allows gays to get a marriage license, it has no bearing on me. I see the State as a entity of pure evil, and no one has been able to show me otherwise. So what do I expect the State to aspire after?
Why do "Christians" get all upset with this issue? And why do they promise their fealty to the State if the State will just see things their way this time? "We will be good serfs and bow to your authority over marriage if you will just keep "Those" people out of the club." 
I don't have a marriage license. I did not ask the State for it's permission to marry. It was, and is, none of the States business. So if gays convince the State to sanctify their marriage, it won't bother me, I reject the State, I reject it's sanctification, I reject to it's very existence.
Let evil do what evil will do, and simply reject it.

Reject the State, and withdraw your consent from it.

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