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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Contributing to slave labor

We had a guy call the show today, who calls himself "token socialist" (TS), and he basically said that buying from WalMart makes you responsible for the slave labor conditions in China, and you are contributing to the suicide rate there, where people are diving off buildings to end their enslavement.
I am going to give you my opinion, one you may not have heard or thought of before.
First, I am not a communist, and do not condone the communist system. I do not condone indentured servitude, slave labor or whatever.
 I hate the State.
What I am for is Liberty and the ability to live and trade freely.
The Chinese have lived through one master after another, and their latest master is communism. The communist system has murdered tens of millions of Chinese, and yet TS is upset, saying middle class America is taking advantage of these Chinese by purchasing goods made in China.
I would say that middle class Americans buying Chinese goods has had the opposite effect for the Chinese people. Before the Chinese were making goods that Americans bought, the Chinese were slaves to their government with literally no value. Killing millions of them just made it easier to feed the rest that were kept alive. They lived like dogs, getting zero in return for their work, only whatever the Great Leaders decided to give them.
Then the Market stepped its foot into China, and by selling cheap goods to the Americans, (those greedy good for nothings), the Chinese laborer suddenly had value, his actual life had a certain value that it had never had before. He could make the State rich. As time has gone on, the average working Chinese people have seen their standard of living go up, not near what America has seen in previous years, but it is better than it was. And I say, given more time, the Free Market will destroy the Communist Chinese and the Chinese people will flourish. In the meantime, buying Chinese goods is making the Chinese Slave more valuable to the State, which induces the State to treat them better and better. A healthy, happy slave is going to produce more than a sick unhappy one. In time, the Market will show that a Free person can and would produce even more.
Take North Korea for an  example. They produce no goods that the Western world buys. They are the most impoverished people on the planet. Has middle class America brought them to their fate? Not at all-- the State and Socialism has. If the people of North Korea were allowed to make goods that the West would purchase, their standard of living would skyrocket. Would they be eating prime rib in the first year? Nope. But a bite of meat to go with the 2 spoons of rice would be an improvement, and it would progress from there. China is proof.
I asked, and would like to know, from whom should I purchase goods from then, if not ever from the Chinese? Should all my purchases go to "American" companies and corporations? American companies pay extremely high taxes, which ends up going to the military industrial complex, and feeds the war machines that enables the U.S. to make war with all peoples of the world (including their own), and to kill people in the Middle East simply because they are brown. So am I more ethical by supporting that? Trading with American companies simply makes the U.S. government stronger through taxation. Period. More jobs going overseas means less tax slaves for the U.S., which makes it harder for it to make war.   
And here in the U.S. we see that the opposite is happening than what is happening in those "Slave States." Americans are losing Liberty as fast as the clock can move.

So strike a blow for Liberty, help those enslaved by the Socialist Marxist government of China, and buy quality Chinese goods. Help to truly feed the poor, and raise an entire people's standard of living. One day you can say you helped in the collapse of the Chinese Communist government, and used the Free Market to do it.


  1. You could have asked him where the components of his phone came from.

    It's always fun to watch them stutter.


  2. :D A friend gave me crap about buying fruit/veggies grown in Mexico ... I pointed out that they need jobs too!