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Sunday, July 14, 2013

In America, the sun is green, and the sky is fool...

With the Zimmerman verdict, several thousand people are protesting the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman. Destroying private property, ready to execute "justice," these people froth at the mouth for what, they have no idea. Right or wrong, he had a jury trial, by people. They said not guilty. The State was even outed as being the instigator of these protests. Why does the State encourage this type of protest? To rid itself of that irritating Right to Trial by Jury?
At the same time, more news is revealed daily about the NSA spying on these same people, tracking every phone call, every email, every communication... and not a peep. No protests, no outrage, nothing, neither violent nor peaceful. What is going on here? Can these people be this foolish?

Today it was reported that Pakistani Taliban have been fighting with the "rebels" against the Syrian government of Assad for months. The same people we have been sending drone strikes to kill, including women and children, are fighting against Assad, and even knowing this, (and you can know the US government knows full well they are there) the same people who are ordering drone strikes to kill Pakistani Taliban in Pakistan, are trying to arm the same Pakistani Taliban in Syria to fight Assad. Along with Al- Qaeda fighters, whom the US is also trying to arm. Sen. McCain actually met with Al-Qaeda fighters during his visit there. So... what is going on? Has this whole fight against terrorism been a fake? To give the US government the excuse to destroy whatever was left of the Bill of Rights? Seems like one could make a good case for it.
And not a peep again.
I have said over and over this battle is for the minds and hearts, it is an Intellectual one. The 2 stories above prove this even more.
The American people continue to ride an emotional roller coaster, while the State continues to grow by taking advantage of this.
The nonthinking fools are following the thinking fools. Both are headed for the cliff.

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