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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Antidote for “Christian” Divorce

Yet another Christian couple tells me they’re dissolving their marriage – despite the young children the Lord has entrusted to them.  I asked the question I usually do when friends deliver such horrific news: “Have you been reading the Bible together each day?”

But I already knew the answer. Indeed, I have yet to hear from any prospective divorcees that they study God’s Word with their spouses daily.

Our Lord commands us to read His Law and to expound it within our families. If you’re neglecting this vital duty, you will one day answer to God Himself as to why. Understand, too, that His judgment may fall on you – and your innocent offspring -- here and now rather than waiting for eternity, as you endure the bitterness, regret, and heartbreak of a disintegrating home.

Finally, each divorce, especially among those of us who are supposed to be salt and light to the world, is a triumph for Leviathan. The beast despises intact, loving families precisely because they are the strongest bastions against it. Ergo, arm yourself and your spouse for battle against Satan’s citadel, the State: read the Bible every day, individually, together as a couple, and corporately with all members of your household. It's the best insurance any family can have.

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