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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Becky Akers "Blimp over Bluffdale"

Becky Akers post to the LRC blog the other day this piece about not playing patty cake with the Devil's minions.
"Shaming, isolating, and shunning government’s leeches worked for the American colonists; they dealt so severely with friends and family assisting the British Empire’s tyranny that few Americans dared do so. The Crown had to import from England those “swarms of officers” that the Declaration denounced. The same tactics still work. Are you friends with a bureaucrat or cop? Why? Are your children or siblings contemplating positions with Leviathan? Let them know you take such attacks on freedom personally and that as enemies of all mankind, they can no longer expect a welcome in your home. Don’t be shy about telling the rest of the family your reasons for excluding the miscreant, either."

I think this is such an important tactic that we don't use to it's fullness. It is in the same vein as I wrote in Friends? a while back.
Why do you want to even associate with a person who is willing to see you thrown in a cage? Who is willing to support the State and all it's works? 
Are you friends with a bureaucrat or cop? Why?
Exactly. Why? Do you think just because you are their friend somehow they will all of a sudden not do as their god Leviathan commands? Even if it is against you.
Good luck.
There is even a biblical lesson to this(1st Corinthians 5:5). It is not to reject them just to hate them, but to show your disdain for their choice to serve the State. With the hope of bringing them out of their willful, ignorant Statism.
If we take our Liberty and the Liberty of our fellow man seriously, we will not be complicit with the enemies of freedom. We will not fellowship with thieves and murderers, no matter what they call it; protection, government, taxation, national interest, public good.
Have nothing to do with them. Let righteous social pressure push them out of our communities, as it should be.

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