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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chris Rossini about North Korea

Chriss Rosinni talks about what the North Korean defector should do...
First, it's never the person (i.e., the tyrant, the dictator, the President, etc.) Rather it's the ideas and beliefs that are held by the victims. In this case, the main issue is not Kim Jong-un. He's just the flavor of the day. After him, there's surely a long and endless line of tyrants that would fill his void.
If the dominant idea held by the North Korean people is that they must be ruled, yearn to be ruled, and despise any other alternative, then the crumbling of Kim Jong-un idolization will mean nothing. They'll just idolize someone else.
People in the United States suffer from a similar dilemma. Americans are ruled by rotating tyrants. The idea was accepted that if the tyrants serve a term of 4-8 years, that this is somehow superior to it just being one person. Every new American tyrant is idolized at first, with tears and incense, while the tyrant whose term is coming to an end is cursed as a bum. Americans are like a dog that returns to his own vomit.
If all you want to do is unseat the current tyrant, then you're not accomplishing much. The new tyrant will have to consolidate power, perks, and pelf for his cronies the same as the last one did. He won't have the option of not doing that because the last one's cronies will be fighting to retain their sway and the new tyrant will need allies of sufficient heft to hold them back.

Each transition of power ratchets up the predation on the private/free economy and the liberties of the people, EXCEPT when there is an overriding mood on the part of the population that the last guy went WAY too far. A little too far isn't enough. The changing of the faces will overwhelm that.

When the people want to be free and are content to let their neighbor also be free, when they want to have leaders only of their own personal choice and don't want to impose that choice on their neighbors, THEN there will be progress.

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