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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jack Hunter opines about people criticism of American Sniper in the American Conservative.

Jack makes some good points. And this comes back to a point I made on the radio a few weeks ago. What sort of person DOES these things to other people? And the answer is NORMAL people do. Normal people who think that "just following orders" absolves one of moral responsibility for what one does. Normal people who think (as I once did) that THEY would never be THAT evil as to start a useless war or a war under false pretenses (not realizing that is how all of the prior ones were started). Normal people who are involved in their own lives and don't really think about what D.C. is doing to "little people" abroad and so, as Scott Horton says, history begins with the two planes running into the World Trade Center. People who see the things that they love under attack subtly and unable to come to terms with the problems then see a big, obvious battle as a straightforward way of doing, if not the right thing, something. Blaming our problems on people we don't much like anyway is easier, especially when "our" side has overwhelming military superiority.

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  1. I'm not pro-military for the same reason I'm not pro-post office or pro-police or pro-zoning enforcement officer.

    Whatever services these folks provide have been in the past and can be in the future provided in the free market with less disruption to people's lives.