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Monday, February 23, 2015

Obama was definitely the lesser evil in 2008

At The American Conservative, Daniel Larison has a very good article about McCain's odd sense of honor.

The article is worth reading, but this selection from a comment to the article seemed to precisely sum up the twisted logic behind the honor of war.
The problem with McCain and many other hawks is that they view war as a game....To them, once a war has started and people from “our side” have died, the US must persevere in order to “honor the fallen”. And so they pervert the logic of war from an act in which lives are sacrificed to prevent even greater loss of life into one in which lives are sacrificed to vindicate the decision to go to war and to justify the earlier loss of life.
How many Americans (and non-Americans, if anyone cares) have to die to fulfill McCain's sense of honor?

For those who feel so compelled, can they please not force me to participate by looting me and implicating me in their adventures? The world is full of fights. I try to stick to those where I have enough first hand knowledge of the circumstances that losing my property, honor, or life is actually a sensible risk.

It is common knowledge that D.C. politicians are liars and frauds, but somehow killing at their behest is "honorable". This doesn't compute.

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