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Friday, February 27, 2015

You aren't sovereign if you're servile.

Will Grigg writes a heartrending article here.

It is interesting that the state calls people who file lawsuits against its minions "paper terrorists". However, if you fall under the state's malignant gaze the prosecutor will pile a mountain of life ruining CRIMINAL charges on you. The prosecutor charging you criminally will face a sympathetic, TO HIM, jury which will most likely convict on at least one of his charges. Plea or take that 1 in 200 chance that the jury will see your side of things. But THAT ISN'T terrorism, because the state is the one which designates who is a terrorist and who isn't. And IT isn't, no matter how it behaves.

As Will writes...

“Sovereignty” is a claim of ownership. If individuals cannot be “sovereign,” their only choice is servility. There was once a thoroughly imperfect but in many ways commendable country on the North American landmass that was created by people who understood that principle, and shed blood in righteous defense of individual liberty. That country has been supplanted by a soyuz in which even speaking of such things is often treated as a crime.

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