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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Social Justice Warriors for totalitarianism

Should a catering company owned by a Jew be forced to serve a meeting of skinheads?

For me the only important word in that sentence is "force".

To force someone is to take something which is rightfully theirs (or credibly threaten to do so) if they don't do as you say. If the skinhead's job is the difference between making payroll that month or not, that isn't a matter of force. There are plenty of unpleasant alternatives which aren't "force" in the sense of modes of social cooperation/interaction.

It is a logical fallacy to use definition one of a word to state a premise, but then shift to definition two when you want to reach a conclusion.

Will Grigg makes a devastating critique of the Totalitarian World of the Social Justice Warriors here. Listen and be enlightened.

Sadly, Penn Jillette, who is normally pretty fair, falls into a few logical traps in the opening sound byte. I suspect it is because he lacks sympathy for the people being forced and loses his focus on the issue at hand.

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