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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Television and other wastes of time...

I watch "The Good Wife" because they occasionally come down somewhat on the right side of an issue, though usually not for the best reason (NSA spying). They also give the other (statist) side at least something resembling a fair airing (a reasonable gun advocate, for example). The blatant airbrushing of Hillary is funny, too.

This weeks episode ended with the 2nd lead female character saying that the law is a matter of battling pity stories, and the government is mommy making everyone "play nice". This reinforces the necessity to gain political power (join into the contest of all against all) and abandon voluntary society because if your mommy isn't the one deciding there is no limit to what can be taken from you and what can be forced upon you.

This is the concept of positive law/positive rights. Rather than minimizing social conflict it institutionalizes it. Under voluntary society conflicts are constant, but they tend to diminish because conflict is uneconomical. Under political society the political class gain power, devotees, and resources from every conflict. Should social peace accidentally break out the political class would have to start conflicts so that the productive population didn't wonder why they were tolerating such a large blatantly parasitic class.

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