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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Can I live it? An explaination to part 1.

I have tried to look through life with the beliefs and convictions I have with a simple question for myself:

Can I live it?

My simple thought on this is, if you can't live what you believe, then what you believe is crap.
What good is my belief if I can't live my life not only in it, but through it?
I can make political decisions that I think may be better for people to live by, but that political decision could end up literally killing someone, through state means.
Can I live that? Should I be able to live that, and have a clear conscience? Does my conscience over ride another humans conscience?

It's easy to make decisions and look at them in the now, or the "Seen", but what if I refine my thoughts to the "Unseen", which forces me to examine myself, before I examine my neighbor?
In a way, taking the log from my eye before I pluck out the speck in yours.

"Be the change you want to see" is the motto, but maybe what we  really need is to be the change we want to BE. And if we are honest, to live what we believe, it's the change we HAVE to be.

As a follower of The Way, can I hate my enemy, and claim to love all men? Can I live that, and live in love and in Truth?

No, I am deceiving myself, and in deceiving myself, I deceive others. How can we live in a harmony of deceit? Even markets to succeed, to be a free market, both in enterprise and ideas, we must live in truth.

My challenge, for myself, is to live what I believe. In my thoughts, in my aspirations, in how I want the world to be.

Am I just a clanging gong?

If I can't live it, I certainly cannot expect, and even less so demand, that the world listen.

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