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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Which Libyan "model" is Bolton talking about?

John Bolton, has declared that he thinks North Korea should follow the Libyan model for De-nuclearization, but this leaves us to wonder what part of the model he is talking about?
Does he mean strictly de-weaponizing, or does he refer to the attack on Libya following Libya's disarming by the French, British, and Americans?
If I was Kim Sung Un, leader of North Korea, I would have to really take these things into consideration, before I gave up any of my weapons. Qaddafi bowed to the pressure of the United States to end his nuclear program, and he was rewarded with being brutally murdered, and his country has been in chaos ever since.
Was Qaddafi a tyrant? Yep.
But do we think that the North Korean leadership didn't watch that whole episode in Libya and learn a few lesson on U.S. negotiations?
Surely they are watching the goings on in Iran, with the President of the U.S. threatening weekly, if not more, to tear up the agreement the U.S. signed with Iran. Even with several key allies of the U.S. wanting the agreement to hold.
The U.S., along with its vassal states, the UK and France, attacked Syria just a few weeks ago, but it was muted by the fact that the Russians had defense systems in place to keep the U.S. and it's allies in check.

I am of course hopeful with the process that is happening in Kora right now, and to have 25 million slaves be freed is an amazing thought, especially if this can happen without the shedding the blood of millions of lives. Let's hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail, and that the Korean war can finally end.

Target Liberty: How NEOCONS plan to derail Korean peace

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Will Bolton kill Korean Peace deal?

Both of these articles have good video referring to these points, and of course, you should watch the Ron Paul Liberty report daily.


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