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Saturday, April 6, 2019

What about Hitler - A Christian Approach to the Question of Extreme Violence

Libertarians often talk about the Non-Aggression Principle as the cornerstone of their theory of private property. While NAP provides a reasonable framework from which to build a system of ethics, it fails to comprehensively address issues such as:
1) When defensive violence can be used
2) To what extent defensive violence is justified
3) Preventing radical evil from rising to power in ways that can't be diffused by NAP

Without the transformational message of Christ, frameworks like NAP quickly descend back into survival ethics, the same founding ethics of all statist ideologies. The Kingdom of Man. The civilization founded by Cain's murder of Abel.

In this presentation, Charles McCarthy discusses how the non-violent Christian, acting in the non-violent Way of Christ is to face evil. How we are to bear witness to the Prince of Peace and acknowledge that Christ does not ask us to do anything that is impossible, unreasonable, or impractical. Act in the Spirit of Christ and evil will flee. Act in the Spirit of Satan, and hell on earth will manifest.

What about Hitler - A Christian Approach to the Question of Extreme Violence

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