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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Bacon's Rebellion" from Conceived in Liberty

For those of you who like history, I encourage you to read "Conceived in Liberty" by Murray Rothbard. If you don't like history, read this book anyway.  It is the most comprehensive book on the history of the American Revolution I have ever seen or read. This book will arm you with knowledge that will be very valuable in your everyday struggle for Liberty. This portion of the book I found on Lew Rockwell's blog today.

Bacon's Rebellion

For masses of men to turn from their daily lives to hurl themselves against existing habits and the extant might of a ruling government requires an accumulation of significant grievances and tensions. No revolution begins in a day and on arbitrary whim. The grievances of important numbers of people against the state pile up, accumulate, form an extremely dry forest waiting for a spark to ignite the conflagration. That spark is the "crisis situation," which may be intrinsically minor or only distantly related to the basic grievances; but it provides the catalyst, the emotional impetus for the revolution to begin.

You can download a copy of the book from the Mises Institute here. 
You can also buy a hardback copy from them. I am serious, do yourself a favor, and let your mind be Conceived in Liberty.
Oh, and don't expect to read it in 2 or 3 days. :-)

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  1. OK, It is downloaded, thank you. Now to read it. It might be nice to see if it is on an audio format for listening at times when busy or driving. I read the smaller booklet he wrote and found myself taking lots of notes. Very inspiring.