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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lance Roberts advocates for a true War on Guns

The reason the "War on Guns" hasn't been very productive, is because it hasn't been run as a war, but as a police action. They need to get serious and get the job done.

If you want to see more of the effect of guns, then reference the story on the Ohio school shooting caused by guns, or the story last year of the teenager killed by guns in Anchorage. Now think of being able to buy them at a store, yeh, that'll fix the problems.

Guns are death.

Oops, he actually said "Drugs" (search the News Miner comments for "Lance_Roberts"). I would actually say that we need a war on hands because they facilitate nearly ALL crime. Cut everyone's hands off and we'd be far better off. People don't hurt people, hands do.


  1. HAHAHA!
    If you read the comments, it's interesting to see that a few of the people who are against drugs because they "kill people" advocate for killing people. Lance was one, and the other who said that people who use drugs should commit suicide.
    So do these people really care about the lives of people who use drugs, or do they really just want to control people, and those they can't control, they want to kill?