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Monday, April 2, 2012

For you "anyone but Obama types"

Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 it's OK to violate you.

Read the story here.

What could be the common denominator in the 5 judges that voted against your dignity?

All 5 were appointed by Republican presidents.


  1. Outstanding point.

  2. Yeah. Even CT. I routinely try to paint him in my mind as the least evil. BUT he goes and does something like this. There is no good side on the Supreme Court. Sometimes they split R vs D. Often its Statist vs individual liberty supporters. The first is usually 5 v 4 the second is usually 8 v1. On top of the ethical malaise, the legal argument is totally fallacious too.

  3. Thomas is the one guy who i always have a slight hope for too. He is the only one of them I know of that believes that common law is superior to political law. Funny what you said about the 8-1 votes, in the near past that one vote for Liberty has been Ginsburg in her standing for the 4th amendment. The liberal.

  4. Agree with you Joshua on the whole thing re: Thomas and Ginsburg. "Republicans for the Supreme Court" depends on ignoring the last 30 years of history. Sheesh.

  5. I could have had some respect for the SC saying, "Local matter, determined at the local level" since the running of local jails wasn't delegated to the Feds. But the whole, "You have to break a few eggs" logic is atrocious.

  6. Good grief.

    It makes little difference what party a jedge is associated with.

    Although not CONstitionally required, the nine nazgul are all lawyers - strike #1

    They are all gummint employees - strike #2

    They have all been either prosecutors or federal judges - promoting support for gummint actions, to the detriment of liberty. Strike #3

    ALL have been promoted by the reigning tyrant of the land
    Strike #4

    Appointed for life
    Strike #5

    Totally isolated from real life and from the consequences of their decisions
    Strike #6

    Will happily cite their past decisions as all important precedent, or happily discard it - on a whim

    Strike #7

    Does it make sense to believe that someone who has always oppressed liberty, always promoted government, always set themselves as above the masses, been rewarded & promoted for the above will suddenly change theirctions? Does it make sense to have any belief in that court?


  7. Good point itor,
    All which makes my point even more, it doesn't matter if it's been a repub president or democrat appointing them, they are anti-liberty.
    The reason for the post is we have had a few callers recently and I have had a few personal conversations where the caller and friend have said, "If we don't get Obama out he will stack the Supreme Court."