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Monday, May 7, 2012

Republican convention

So I went to the Alaska Republican state convention as a delegate. My district was a bunch of solid guys that I really enjoyed getting to know.
I know what you're thinking: "What? I thought you hated politics and the state"?! Yes, I do, and in fact this convention cemented my thoughts on politics and the state.
I went for a very pointed reason. I love the man Ron Paul, I love his conviction for Liberty, and I felt that I wanted to go, anywhere for that matter, to the convention to show my support for Liberty.
I met a lot of Liberty-minded folks who shared my convictions, which was awesome. I didn't meet one person who will be blogging for us soon I hope, but that's how it goes.
The old guard was literally shaking in their boots over the "Ron Paul" supporters. Why? Why would these republicans fear people who really do want less (or no) government in their lives? Power, of course. A quick read of "Whatever Happened to Justice" explains that easily.
So the "party" invited Lisa Murkowski to speak at one of the banquets.
Bad decision. 
There was discussion of what to do when Lisa showed up; I, being a peaceful loving sort, suggested we walk out when she spoke. That was shot down for some reason, for being too radical.
So it was agreed, not by me, to have someone speak to her publicly and to then "stand" to show our opposition to Lisa.
Seriously, a traitor to the people was coming in her official capacity to speak and we were going to do a silent stand in?
Not so much.
The kind lady spoke out against Lisa, who never shut her fat mouth the whole time, and the Ron Paul folks stood up to show their opposition. Except for me. I was hungry, and the food was getting cold. I didn't feel the need to even stand against this treacherous fiend...why should I go hungry to stand up in a meaningless gesture?
Then it got time to get down to business.
We booed. We booed and we shouted her down. We booed the traitor from Wyoming who voted for the NDAA that come to speak, too.
We booed until our throats hurt.
My table, who I am proud to say consisted of Anarcho-Capitalists, started to chant "TRAITOR"! as loud as we could.
Am I sorry for this? No, I am sorry that Lisa didn't know I was personally shouting "traitor" at her.
I am sorry some people felt we went "over the line" and didn't show "respect."
Respect? For whom?
Did this traitor show respect for my family when she voted to have my family detained without due process?
Screw her. Screw respect for traitors to the people.
I won't show it, I won't apologize for it.
I am not a serf. I don't show fealty to anyone. I have no master, save One.
These scum need to know we hold them in contempt; these fat cats need to be put on notice that their time in power is coming to an end.
So go boo an elected official tomorrow. Call them a traitor. Show your contempt and disgust.

And feel good about it! Be proud you did it!!

 For I have sworn upon the altar of God, 
eternal hostility against every form of tyranny
over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson 

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  1. Good for you Josh.I would have done the same thing.These people need to have us in their faces every time they speak in public.See ya on the 23rd. Norm