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Friday, October 12, 2012

Since I am on the subject of SCUM..

Another brave SWAT invasion into a home, because they KNEW they had a meth lab. Wouldn't want to knock on the door would we SCUMBAGS.
And you KNEW there was a meth lab in the house because of your wonderful investigation but didn't know a family with 2 little girls lived there?
You used a grenade?
The sick part is how the story doesn't really condemn the SCUM in the story. 
We are not on our way, we live in a total police state.
I am going to listen to Rothbard's "Do you hate the State"? again.

Flash bang grenade burns 12 year old girl.

Consider this, what did more damage to this girl, the supposed meth lab, or the state protecting her?

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  1. On the one hand these are our "brave protectors" but on the other hand, anytime they act they can force all risk on those they act against, who are supposedly presumed innocent. How is this brave?

    Jim in Kenai