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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Government monopoly

I thought I would post an article from the Daily new minus, er, miner, the comments are going to be both telling and interesting I am sure.
And stupid, I almost forgot that, most of the comments are going to be from stupid people saying stupid things. I thought it would be fun to dissect it and maybe get a conversation in the comment section of this blog for once. ha.
Another great job by government dividing the people.
Fairbanks city clears the way for Borough utility monopoly.


  1. Maybe we could get some finely honed responses here which we then post over to the newspaper. I'm not local and I don't have an account on that page, but my thoughts are:

    It is funny how people complain that the too big to fail banks got to dip into the taxpayer's pocket to stem their losses from stupid investments but the USPS does that every week, as does Amtrak. Government "competition" with free market companies creates designated "too big to fail" operations which destroy wealth for generations. Attempts to "fix" the problem of government created monopolies with government created competition will only succeed in further destroying wealth/social cooperation.

    Remove monopoly grants to solve problems created by monopoly grants. The solution to some people looting their neighbors is to stop the looting, not to get in on it yourself.

    Jim in Kenai

  2. Good point, I posted that to the Newsminer.

  3. This article is good on why public utilities fail:


    Lysander Spooner famously shamed the USPS. And I remember the post office cops trying to fine companies for using FedEx instead of the USPS.

    NASA is a rat hole. As with all government spending, showing that something good came out of it isn't hard, but the relevant question is "at what cost?" What other good things couldn't come about because all of those resources were confiscated from those who work and earn in the free market and were instead directed by the political economy?

    Jim in Kenai