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Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun control is gun violence

From Jim today:

If you advocate gun control, you are advocating gun violence...gun control IS gun violence.

"What you're advocating is, that the president should write on a piece of paper something that says, if you own one of these, you have to hand them over, and if you don't we're going to send men with guns to your house. Not just to take away your guns, (and by the way, they're going to have semi automatic rifles when they show up at your house) but to take you away and put you in a cage. Not because you did anything wrong, not because you threatened anybody, but because you owned a piece of hardware that the government didn't approve of. THAT IS GUN VIOLENCE! Every law is a threat backed by the ability and the willingness to use deadly force. The government isn't asking nicely. When they pass a gun law, they say, if you disobey this we put you in a cage. And we will use whatever level of force that it takes to get you in our custody and cage you, and if you resist, when we show up with guns, and you resist, we will shoot you. So if you're out there advocating gun control thinking that's peaceful and compassionate, think about what you're actually advocating. You're actually advocating that millions of people who haven't threatened or hurt anyone should be threatened with violence by men with guns for owning a thing...so, gun control is the euphemism for it, gun violence is what it actually is.
Larkin Rose


  1. I hesitate to post things like this on facebook for fear of friends possibly thinking I'm too radical. It feels good to hear someone else being as blatantly honest as I so often am. I'm tired of sugar coating my opinion.

  2. Thanks for commenting Roger, tune into the radio show tomorrow, cause there is gonna be a whole lot more honest sedition going on.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3HQopc0jog

    Jim in Kenai