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Monday, April 28, 2014

Another reason to be thankful Palin isn't Alaska's governor

In this post on Lew Rockwell's blog, "nuremberg barbies blasphemous punchline", by the fantastic Will Grigg, Sarah Palin tells us if "she was in charge" she would baptize supposed terrorist by water boarding them.
What a pig. Pharisee.
 I have no qualms or misgivings on calling her these things either.
Hey Sarah, give folks who not only believe in Christ but actually believe in His teaching a break, and shut your lipstick smeared mouth.
While it might be cool and it gets a lot of praise from the NRA lobby of chumps and NEO-CON sickos, there are still a few out here who do believe in the Higher Law.
Torture is just that, torture. There is no justification for it, engaging in torture because you are following orders to torture is no excuse. It is wrong. There is a Higher Law and you should be and someday will be held accountable.
And Sarah, I really wish you knew better, in fact you probably do, if not, please read about the Nuremberg trials, or the Japanese officers that were put to death after WW2 for waterboarding American soldiers.
Better yet, try reading Matthew 5, and quit giving the State a pass, even worse, justifying and glorifying the State's evil with Romans 13 stamped on your forehead.
It's pathetic and evil.


  1. Josh, I heard this (comment by Sarah Palin)on KFAR this morning on my way to work. I thought it was a joke impersonation, like Tina Fay or something. Now I find out it's real! Wow, we are living in evil times friend.

  2. Sounds like any given Sunday in most churches in the western church.