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Friday, April 25, 2014

"Of, Denoting, Relating To, Or Characteristic Of a Dictatorial One-party State That Regulates Every Realm of Life"

If that's the definition of "totalitarian," we can no longer debate whether we suffer under such a regime. Exhibit One: even nursing mothers aren't safe from the TSA's attentions.

I'll let you go to the link rather than repeat the coarse details here. Basically, a woman refused to send her output through the TSA's scanner because she feared the radiation's effects on it. The goons at the checkpoint retaliated by forcing her into their notorious cage, "detaining" her until she nearly missed her flight. The lady "says she felt 'totally humiliated.' 'It’s a glass container with hundreds of passengers passing by on either side. You’re being totally ignored. You’re asking to speak with someone – the manager and the supervisor and no one is giving you any answers yet they stand right there and watch like you are an animal in a cage,' she said."

Naturally, she sued. The TSA will cough up $75,000 of our money to its victim. It has also "promised" her that it will "retrain everybody and heed great importance to this issue..."

Notice that this serf is right where Our Rulers want her: debating the length and type of her chains rather than protesting their existence in the first place.

Notice as well the Church's complete and craven silence on this incident as well as the TSA's atrocities in general. This Satanic bureaucracy has gone where no government, however brutal or authoritarian, has gone before: mass, routine, and systemic sexual assault. Then, too, it's cheapened public discourse, with topics that are best left private besieging us instead from the headlines. Yet we hear not a peep from any Christian denomination. 


  1. Not only will the TSA use stolen funds they extorted from us, but will be using extorted funds that they will take from the victim also.
    I think the reason the "church" is silent on these things is simply Romans 13.
    Think if the Southern Baptist denomination as a whole freaked out and demanded it stop, at the very beginning, good chance that it might have stopped. Even if it hadn't, this silence is earth shattering.

  2. If you complain about it then GOLDSTEIN wins!