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Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Neocon hypocrite lying "Religious leader"

While I don't wish to be a Ron Paul apologist (he doesn't need me to be), I am more than willing to call out Pharisee Neocon warmongering lying hypocrites like Gary Bauer.
Gary, who used to be the head of the Family Research Counsel, now serves on the Executive Board of Christians United for Israel, a neocon lobby group headed by John Hagee. Read about them here.
Bauer, who supposedly espouses pro-life and family values, also believes that America should advance and protect freedom worldwide and "bring the message of freedom to the Arab world," which of course means, kill Arabs. I love how the message of American freedom is, " Hello, I am America, I am here to free you, now watch me free your children by killing them"!
Gary, of course, never went to war himself, ( like John Hagee or Tim LaHaye) and I doubt he has any sons he is sending off to war, but he sure is more than eager to send your and my sons off to die.
Which is what makes this commercial he put out so much more interesting. He claims Ron Paul is "hostile" towards our military, but forgets to say Ron Paul volunteered and served 5 years as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force. But let's not be bothered with facts, they always get in the way of one's propaganda.

 So Gary, you volunteered for Goldwater? Paul volunteered for the military. So you worked on Reagan's campaign? Paul was one of only 4 congressmen who endorsed Reagan.
Paul is hostile to the military? Then why do active duty soldiers donate to Paul's campaign more than twice as much as the other presidential hopefuls combined?
Paul is conspiratorial and blames the U.S. for 9-11? Because he says we shouldn't be over there meddling in their affairs? You spew that we were attacked because they "hate our freedom" and that is the biggest lie that's been put on the American people since we were told Iraq was an immediate threat to our National Security.
Go get a life you lying, warmongering, pathetic, thug. Israel's own Mossad chief, (the current one and the previous one) both said that Iran wasn't an existential threat to Israel, and that attacking them would be stupid. I suppose you are smarter than some dumb Israeli Mossad chief, though. I suppose you are smarter than our Founding Fathers who told us NOT to get entangled with foreign alliances and to MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS.
 Tom Woods responds to Gary Bauer

And I am sure, whenever you think of a war with Iran, or killing people, you make your decision by asking yourself, "What would Jesus do"?


  1. I know all about John Hagee. Used to watch him a lot.

    He says god will protect Israel.

    Cool! Now we don't have to waste American blood!


  2. Linked and commented on!

  3. "He says god will protect Israel.

    Cool! Now we don't have to waste American blood!"

    Love this!

  4. We need to clean up this country 1st and then still keep our noses out of other countries,if we are going to go to war somewhere everybody in this country should have to serve in a combat zone no exceptions,this would stop chickenhawks.