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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not to beat a dead horse, because the horse is alive and well

Another good article on the NDAA, or as a few of us are calling it the NDA, National Detention Act.

See the article here.

 A few of us can attest to the validity of the scenario in that article. We have seen it played out first hand in the 241 case here in Fairbanks. Lucky for them the NDA hadn't been passed yet.

Another good one from LRC here.

In that article I looked up one of the references, and it was from 2004. So we can't act like this is an Obama thing only, not to mention Sen. Graham and McCain's insanely viral support of it.
Here is part of that article:
"If a little old lady in Switzerland gave money to a charity for an Afghan orphanage, and the money was passed to al Qaeda, could she be held as an enemy combatant?" the judge asked.
Boyle indicated that might fit within the definition of enemy combatant and stressed the need to give the executive branch of government wide latitude during a time of war.

The whole article can be found here.

There are a lot of folks out there who refuse to believe this for what it is. I am sure you know many of your own friends and family that refuse to do so. Arm yourselves with knowledge about the NDAA so you can soundly defeat any argument they might come up with in their denial. Our Senator Murkowski had a really nice pie in the sky article that I am sure set many folks' minds at ease over the situation. But I think she has been soundly refuted since.
One of her arguments was that you won't be picked up at the grocery store if you are a law-abiding citizen. This totally misses the point. Several of our Rights have to do with being accused of being a criminal by a tyrannical government. We have pointed out here over and over how the government's main power to control us is to make everyone a criminal. And they are doing a great job at it.

You need to prepare yourself in whatever way you think you are being led.

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  1. My rights don't depend on claiming D.C. as my owner. God is my owner. My rights are from Him. D.C. may kick me out of its "favored cattle" herd, with a longer leash and put me into its "less-favored cattle" herd with a shorter leash, but my rights are unaffected.