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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The enemy within

I want you to watch this piece of trash and see the glee in his eyes and the happiness he gets from sending our sons and daughters to die. To die. He WANTS war. He doesn't even care with whom, he just wants war. This man is sick in the head. He is a psychopath.
Who in their right mind, seriously, wants war to occur? Obviously someone who has never and will never actually go and fight themselves. Watch this video a couple times and watch Bill Kristol get all giddy about fighting another war! We have got to get some sanity back in this country and quit listening to these psychotic people.

Would you say he actually approves of Obama now? "We got the drones, we got the detentions" yeah yeah!!!
You have the NDAA now, too, Bill!!! Woohoo!! I bet you peed your pants when your buddy McCain got that one passed!

In this clip he says Ron Paul, and basically anyone who isn't a murderous NeoCon should leave the republican party. He has a good point!! Bill, I took your advice on that a LONG time ago. Leave the Republican party and stop giving them your support and consent as long as putrid "men" like Bill Kristol are the spokesmen for them.

They should leave the Republican party.

Bill, there is nothing keeping you from going to the middle east and killing as many people as you can. You have the money, you have the connections, get off your chickenhawk butt and go over there and fight! But you won't. Who would be left to write stupid neocon articles, and give Prez. Obama advice if we lost Kristol?
I personally think neocons like Bill Kristol are more of a threat to our Liberties here at home than anyone in the middle east. Absolutely they are.  


  1. Joshua, I absolutely agree.

    I wrote this today, and it has gotten absolutely no hits, but I think it is really good. I started this blog to share things, but since no one is reading it, I must share it more directly. Will you check it out and let me know what you think? http://revolutionation.org/2012/01/20/are-we-national-socialists/

    And I totally understand if you delete this comment, just feel like I need to scream and be heard sometimes, so this is kind of like that.

    By the way, I saw an interview from Moxnews.com (I think) on youtube with Bill Kristol on C-Span challenging Ron Paul to a debate. I hope Ron Paul accepts!!!

    Here is the link to that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RciuZg63sxM