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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bird hunting anyone?

Well I would be upset if they said 50,000 or more, but I think 30,000 is a number I can live with.
Funny story, when you get to the part where they justify themselves with " welp, we can use them to fight fires too". Duh.
Are we this stupid?
Helloooooooo republicans, your party had to vote for this for it to pass.
I wonder if they use these in......name your "unfree" country.
Congress insisted they be used more.
Screw them.
Anyone up for some skeet practice?


  1. I ran across the case of a boy who had been sentenced to prison, a poor, scared little brat, who had intended something no worse than mischief, and it turned out to be a crime. The judge said he disliked to sentence the lad; it seemed the wrong thing to do; but the law left him no option. I was struck by this. The judge, then, was doing something as an official that he would not dream of doing as a man; and he could do it without any sense of responsibility, or discomfort, simply because he was acting as an official and not as a man. On this principle of action, it seemed to me that one could commit almost any kind of crime without getting into trouble with one's conscience.

    Clearly, a great crime had been committed against this boy; yet nobody who had had a hand in it — the judge, the jury, the prosecutor, the complaining witness, the policemen and jailers — felt any responsibility about it, because they were not acting as men, but as officials. Clearly, too, the public did not regard them as criminals, but rather as upright and conscientious men.


    This is how "good people" carry out great evil against their neighbors.

  2. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, unless the guy standing next to you looks like someone who is on a "no live" list. Then maybe you have something to fear. But you should be more careful about who stands next to you. After all, see something, say something.

  3. After all, see something, say something.

    Dankeje wel herr Goebbels

  4. Seriously, I do like the "no live list". That's good.

  5. Here's a good one from yesterday on the subject.

    30,000 predator drones over u.s. airspace? ... boast, bombast or ........pure unadulterated bullshit?

  6. Brock,
    Good post. My real point isn't so much to worry about 30,000 drones, (which is why I said I could accept 30,000 but not 50,000) but rather the pieces of garbage that would pass legislation to fund ANY drone surveillance.