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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today's radio program

A fellow called today and asked," Well, what would you do about all the drug pushers in public school? That's a real problem in today's schools. Wouldn't you want to arrest those people who push drugs on your kids in school?"
My answer was this," If this is such a problem, why do you send your children to public school, where you have no control over someone pushing drugs on your child in the first place?" I don't have that problem, because my 8 children do not go to public school.
Quit asking the state to take care of your children, people. If you are going to send them off to a public cage system, don't gripe about the dangers they face there. Who in their right mind would send their child to the battlefields of Iraq? Who in their right mind would tell their 8-year-old, "Son, I know there are many dangers in this world, but you're a man now, deal with it. If something happens to you, I will call the school admins and chew them out."
You know there are dangers there and you send them for 8 hours a day EVERY day?
Who should be locked up?
If you are willing to send your child to a public system of brainwashing so you don't have to take care of them or educate them yourself, don't gripe about the dangers they face when they are there!
But you don't want to do that, do you? Instead, you want to force me to PAY for the brainwashing of your children so they can continue the Leviathan State when they grow up, so they can STEAL from my children, or lock them in a cage if they REFUSE to pay for that which they find morally wrong.
I have children of my own. What gives you the right to steal from me to supposedly educate your kids, because you are too lazy and selfish to educate them yourself? Your career is so much more important than mine, that it is right to you, to take from me, and the fruit of my labor, to educate your children? Don't tell me it is for the good of society, I have no interest in that dribble. You know you are wrong, you know you are selfish, you know you put your child in danger from the moment you send them from your sight.
Don't send your child to public school. Do your job!!
Occupy yourself and "Train a child in the way he should go!"
And leave me and my children alone!!!


  1. That one left the stadium somewhere over left-center field.

    Very well said; linked over at my place.


  2. The stadium? I'm pretty well certain that one left the stratosphere. Well said, sir. Well said.

  3. People complain about taxes, then they hand their children over to the government school to be molded for 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year, 13 years, to see government as God. Government education is the lynch pin to the system. This is the same thing as selling your birthright for pottage.


    It is worth joining for a month just to read that article.

  4. The article is too long and valuable to summarize, but the conclusion is succinct:

    R. J. Rushdoony had little patience with conservatives who complained about high taxes. "They have tithed their children to the State, and then they complain against how much the government is costing them." He thought all such tax protests would come to nothing. Well, not nothing, exactly. Mass inflation.

    We live in a world where the tax collector is a matador. "Keep your eye on the red cape." Conservatives think they are making progress when they say, "No, no; keep your eye on the red ink."

    Keep your eye on the yellow buses.

  5. Posted. Absolutely. I homeschool my fifth daughter and would even be hesitant to send her to more than a few private schools in the states. Oh, that's right

    “Our school is different.”

  6. Thanks for the comments. Anon, keep your eye on the yellow buses, there is a whole new crop of future TSA agents on it! And the rest are being taught to obey them.
    Brock, I have heard that so many time it makes me sick, "our school is different". Cop-out.
    So if your school is so great, pay for it yourself, why do you insist on making me pay for it? Why am I forced to pay for something I find immoral?
    Public schools are a good training ground for kids to learn how to accept jail. They spend 13 years in one before they even leave the home.

  7. Speaking of TSA and public school. I recently had to travel by plane and noticed that most of the TSA agents in the airports are young. Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO-7bZycbeI
    It all fits together. Sad.

  8. Joshua

    At my Dixieland, 51% of my tax goes to welfare and approximately 19% go to schools,just ridiculous.