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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just War theory

Here is a really good article I found on Tom Woods site.

We have to re-think our mindset of "anything America does is just" if we want to survive. Face it, folks, America is not guilt free. While I'm not a "blame America first" person, I can see a whole lot of evil that this country has done, and we need to stop. Allowing a select few to take us to war for the profit of a select few is evil. Flat out evil. We are not immune from wrongdoing, and we will be held accountable one day, of that I am certain.

If the justification for the attack were simply Iran’s imminent possession of nuclear weapons, then clearly neither the United States nor Israel would be in a position of comparative justice, since both have nuclear weapons as well. Even if the cause for war were the likely use of Iranian nuclear weapons against innocent civilians, this situation is a murky one, since the United States is the one nation that has actually used nuclear weapons against an enemy and, in at least one case (Nagasaki), against a civilian population center with no significant military installations.

Read the rest here.

I wish every American would take the time to read this. Including several "Christian" friends of mine.


  1. During my Christian pacifist days, I examined the "Just War" doctrine from a few angles.

    Like scripture, it can be (and is) distorted to meet the purpose-of-the-moment.

    Either side in a Christian-on-Christian war (there you go, kill your brother in Christ foe a fresking nation-state...brilliant) can -and have- use this doctrine to claim justice and "God-is-on-our-side".

    Nothing like shedding your brothers' blood while feeling warm and fuzzy about it.


    1. Further, from a strictly Christian perspective, I find it nearly impossible to justify a believer's participation in any war that is not overtly about a nation's real, honest-to-goodness survival.

      This neo-colonial crap doesn't come close.


  2. Are you saying this article was neo-colonial? I don't understand.
    I do agree that it can be taken to make a case(just war theory) for any side when distorted.
    But I think the distortion is taken out if you go by the principle of not “doing evil that good may come” (as the Apostle Paul put it in Romans chapter 3)."

    1. No, sorry, bad choice of wording on my part. I agree with the piece as it relates to the current situation.

      What I meant by my "exquisitely-worded" "This neo-colonial crap doesn't come close." statement is that the recent American string of neo-colonial wars (ie- the aforementioned "crap") do not come close to being justifiable under the just war doctrine (or any other, IMO).

      I'm completely with you on this one.