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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ron Paul takes.....3rd?

So we had our preference poll today here in the so called Liberty "individualistically" minded Alaska.
And Ron Paul takes 3rd.
While I don't think Dr. Paul is Jesus, I don't think he can wave a wand and make everything OK, 3rd?
This just cements in my mind the fact that the good ol' USofA is so screwed we don't even have a clue.

What we have to conclude is that the American people want more war, want more government intrusion. We love the TSA degrading us and humiliating us. We love the Patriot Act. We love the NDAA. We hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We want the government to take care of everything in our lives from cradle to grave. We enjoy the EPA destroying our economy with regulation. We love the fact that the Fed is completely destroying our currency and is stealing from us with inflation.
We are just fine with the government killing us without due process. We have no problem with the government breaking into our homes without warrant. We want perpetual war with the world. We love debt.

We love the big central government.

We will do nothing to change it.

We will continue to place the blame on the "other guy" while the new guy does us worse. We are the dumbest most blind sheeple in the course of humanity.

Nothing so great in humankind was ever given to any man as far as government is concerned than the one we were given 200 some years ago. And we not only have forgotten it, we have rejected it quite loudly.

This country is screwed.

Again, I don't think Ron Paul is a savior. But I would have some hope if I saw a large group of Americans cling to what he represents.
But we don't love Liberty anymore. Our Nation cannot even define it as a people anymore.
What is there to fight for? This piece of dirt my house sits on is no different than any other dirt in this world anymore. Why stay here?

Thanks, Ron Paul, for being a hero for Liberty in a world that hates it so much.

America, you're going to wish you listened to this man.  I predict you will wonder what hit you, very soon.

"My people perish for the lack of knowledge." God


  1. Yeah I think something is up. In Idaho his audience numbers far outdrew Romney's but he lost to him in a big way. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

  2. I live in Michigan and pressed many people to get out and vote for him. Most said they would and I heard a ton of other support for him. Then the final numbers come in and he takes a distant third as well. I agree though, how is such a large majority of this country so blinded from the actual events transpiring and the lies being fed to us from Washington and the media.

  3. The prophets weren't real popular in Israel.

    Nock's article on the remnant is still applicable.

  4. Good idea, I am going to post Nock.


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