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Monday, March 5, 2012

McCain wants to bomb Syria

So brain dead NEO-CON McCain can't wait to kill more people. Even after the story that came out last week that Al-Qaeda of Iraq was involved in overthrowing Assad? McCain, I don't know how to put this, but I sure am glad you lost the election. Ol' John and the boys will want boots on the ground before you know it.
I am for having psychological evaluations done on all Congressmen, because these guys are so looney it is starting to worry me.

John Mccain wants to bomb Syria too.

John, just when will your blood lust be filled? Didn't you have enough of war and its horrors after Vietnam?


We are broke. It's not Constitutional. It's not moral. I AM NOT willing to put Americans in harm's way for Syrians and Al-Qaeda!! Johnny!! Wake up!! You would be helping Al-Qaeda!!! How many civilians would you kill when you are freeing them?

Are we as a Nation just completely insane?

McCain, go home and relax a bit.

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