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Sunday, November 4, 2012

There are no Democrats or Republicans during a storm,

Obama was actually telling the truth here. Only the part he left out was this, "there is only the state."
Romney is praising Chris Christie for his heart and compassion. Chris Christie is doing press releases with Janet Napolitano. You know? The head of Homeland security? TSA? And he praised Obama for his efforts in the aftermath of the storm.
These guys all have pretty big hearts.

Why not? None of the money going to help the people who have a loss from the storm is coming from any of them. They steal it from other people and give it away and then take credit for giving the money away.
What about the victims of the theft, you and me? Shouldn't we get at least a hallmark card?
It is absolutely amazing to me that ANYONE would be suckered into thinking any of these scum are "giving people with big hearts." They risk nothing, and give nothing that they have not stolen.
The biggest thing to take away from this storm, is that there truly is no right or left, republican or democrat.
They are all the same entity, the state.
Playing a huge facade that there is an ounce of difference between them and using the serfs for their mutual gain.
This November 6th, let your vote be NO!

Do not give your consent to these despicable lying thieves.



  1. Lolol, I love the part about us at least getting a Hallmark Card. Be careful, they can arrange that. Remember the little monetary gift we all got not too long ago from the fed "State".

  2. On the plus side, they stop all of the voluntary help which would flood in, with anti-gouging and anti-non-union labor, and anti-unlicensed tradesmen laws.

    "We stop you from helping yourselves so that you have to depend on us, then we act really important and necessary because you're helpless."

    Jim in Kenai