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Monday, November 5, 2012

Evil Iranians! Evil!

I saw this over at Arctic Patriot's blog.
Evil Iran
AP says, "While I hold my breath in anticipation of the outpouring of support from our so-called "allies", Iran is displaying an ironically Biblical ability to heap burning coals upon our head."
Haha, how true. Don't hold your breathe too long AP. :-)

The comments section had a few things that bothered me. Here are my thoughts.

Obviously I think this is another reason to Nuke them. How dare they offer to help us?
Just because in the 50s we instituted a murdering Shah and trained and backed his police, just because we helped Iraq, (Whoops, didn't we put that guy in and take that guy out, too?) to kill and maim hundreds of thousand of Iranians,doesn't mean they should be mad at us. Don't they read their bible? The one that says "Love your enemies, and pray for those that persecute you"? Oh wait, that's "our bible."
The American people are so brainwashed; on one hand we don't trust anything they say domestically because they are out to steal our Liberty, but when it's a war, for some reason the guvment can tell no lies, they are only there to protect us.
I have no love for Islam, but I sure as heck don't swallow the military industrial complex's lies to send Americans off to die for another trillion $ profit margin.
Governments love war, they GROW BIGGER with every one.
As far as Ron Paul, I would say his theory of BLOWBACK is about as close to Right as any theory I have read. And his theory of non-intervention is spot on with the "Founders" of this nation. But what did they know? HAH, if Jesus was here today, He would nuke them too. Never mind the Christian Iranians that would die...
And to the whole slave mentality of the State, and the collective "We."
 Who is "us?" Aid "us"? Who are "they" and "them"?
They, them, us, ours, theirs, who's, how's, what the heck does that mean?
Are we all humans or not? Are we really so silly that we let the farmers (government) of "our" farm control us to the point where we are "us?" Or them?
Can't we see the invisible lines we draw to separate "our" "nations" are just political means of control and violence? "These are our milk cows, go milk your own."
Who benefits from the imaginary lines of "nations?" Certainly not the people. Only "my" government can abuse me?!!
I am not an us. When the government goes to war, I don't. That's them. When this government murders and tortures, that's not me, that's them. I am not an us.
I am an individual, not a we. I don't consent, participate, relate or even associate myself to the U.S. government.
It's not mine.I have no earthly Kings or Priests. 

You can read the rest of Arctic Patriot's post here.


  1. Who Would Jesus Bomb?

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am confused, are you saying Jesus would not condone bombing them? There Muslims don't you know......one more reason to stop listening to you guys,

  3. Jesus was all the time saying, "Kill the unbelievers!" Oh, wait, no, he didn't say that. Dang. That is in the Gospel According to D.C. and its whores.

    Jim in Kenai